Apple plans to revamp Settings app and Control Center for iOS and macOS

Apple is scheduled to hold its annual developer conference,

WWDC24 , from June 11, 2024, Japan time. At WWDC24, Apple is expected to announce AI-related features, but apart from AI, it is reported that the company is planning to revamp its OS settings app and control center.

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Apple has announced that it is investing heavily in AI development , and the results are expected to be included in the next major version of iOS, iOS 18. There are various AI features rumored to appear in iOS 18, including real-time transcription and summarization functions , and upgrades that allow Siri to use individual app functions more freely and seamlessly .

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It has also been pointed out that Apple may announce a partnership with OpenAI to provide AI capabilities at WWDC24.

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Apart from these AI-related topics, Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on revamping the Settings app to make the UI easier to understand. According to the report, Apple is planning to revamp both the Settings app on iOS and the System Preferences app on macOS.

Apple is also planning to upgrade iOS' Control Center, with plans to add a new music widget and improve the operation of smart home devices. Mark Gurman, a familiar name for Apple leaks, did not go into the details of the Control Center upgrade, but The Verge pointed out that 'The Home app widgets are useful, but there is certainly room for improvement. For example, it would be useful to be able to customize the devices that appear there.'

In addition, MacRumors reports that iOS 18 will add a new feature to the Messages app that will allow users to animate individual words in text messages, and Gurman also confirmed that the feature will be available. Gurman also said that Apple will add a new 'tapback icon' (a reaction emoji-style icon that appears when you press and hold a message). In addition, Apple is expected to make UI changes to the Photos app and make some improvements to the Mail app.

Additionally, Bloomberg reports that Apple will unveil visionOS 2.0, a new version of its operating system for the Apple Vision Pro that will include native versions of first-party apps, at WWDC24. At the time of writing, visionOS only supports iPad versions of Apple's native apps, such as Home, Calendar, Podcasts, and Pages.

Gurman reiterated that AI will be Apple's biggest focus at WWDC24, and one of the most anticipated features he cited is 'the ability for Siri to suggest tasks within apps based on a user's device behavior analysis, without any user or developer configuration.'

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