I compared the mobile gaming PC ``Steam Deck'' where PC games can be played anytime and anywhere with the Nintendo Switch

Shipping to Asia including Japan of the portable gaming PC ' Steam Deck ' equipped with all the functions of the game distribution platform 'Steam' will start on December 17, 2022. I had the opportunity to touch the Steam Deck ahead of time, so I compared the appearance and comfort of holding it side by side with the

Nintendo Switch , a portable game machine with a liquid crystal display similar in shape to the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck

The following article summarizes what the Steam Deck looks like.

Portable gaming PC 'Steam Deck' appearance review that allows you to play PC games at any time - GIGAZINE

The top is the Steam Deck and the bottom is the Nintendo Switch. The Steam Deck is 298 mm wide x 117 mm high x 49 mm thick, which is larger than the Nintendo Switch, which is 102 mm wide x 139 cm high x 23.9 mm thick. The display is a 7-inch display for Steam Deck, which is one size larger than the 6.2-inch display for Nintendo Switch.

However, about half of the 49 mm thickness of the Steam Deck is the grip part, so the thinness of the part with the liquid crystal display is slightly thicker than the Nintendo Switch.

Side view. When placed on a flat surface, the Nintendo Switch is slightly slanted because only the trigger-type ZR / ZL buttons are raised. On the other hand, the Steam Deck has a raised grip, so when placed on a flat surface, the main body is kept level.

The distance between the left and right grips is wider than the Nintendo Switch. Another major feature of the Steam Deck is that there are four buttons and an exhaust port on the back.

right grip part. The ABXY buttons on the Steam Deck are arranged differently from the Nintendo Switch, with A down, B right, X left, and Y up. Also, the ABXY buttons themselves are to the right of the stick, with a trackpad below the stick and the ABXY buttons.

Looking at the left grip, the Steam Deck has the D-Pad on the left side of the stick and the trackpad below the stick.

Taking the Steam Deck with both hands looks like this. The sticks and buttons are arranged horizontally, so you can use them by sliding them without changing the height of your thumb.

Place your thumb on the trackpad under the stick.

It has a shape that can be held firmly, so it feels quite stable even if you hold it with both hands. The nominal weight is 699 grams, which is about 1.75 times the weight of the 398-gram Nintendo Switch, but it is held firmly with both hands, so it is not difficult to hold even if it is heavier than the Nintendo Switch.

Having a Nintendo Switch after having a Steam Deck feels pretty small. Also, since there is no grip part, the main body feels quite thin.

Nintendo Switch can also be used as a stationary game machine by plugging it into the dock. Perhaps because it is assumed that the Joy-Con can be removed and used, it is not a design with a grip like the Steam Deck, but the impression that the sense of stability when holding it is still better for the Steam Deck. However, it is considerably lighter than the Steam Deck, so you won't get tired of having it.

The Steam Deck can be pre-ordered on the official website , and the price is 59,800 yen including tax for the 64GB eMMC model, 79,800 yen including tax for the 256GB NVMe SSD model, and 99,800 yen including tax for the 512GB NVMe SSD model.

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