I tried playing various games with ``Steam Deck'' where you can play Elden Ring and Katamari anytime, anywhere

Valve's portable gaming PC ``

Steam Deck '', which operates Steam, a platform for download sales and streaming play of PC games, will be shipped to Asia, including Japan, from December 17, 2022. With the design of a game machine equipped with a small liquid crystal display, you can carry it anywhere and play PC games anytime, so I tried playing it ahead of time.

Steam Deck

The following movie is where the Steam Deck is started.

When you start Steam Deck it looks like this - YouTube

You can understand the setup and UI of Steam Dock by looking at the following articles.

Steam official mobile gaming PC 'Steam Deck' setup version, UI looks like this with Linux-based OS - GIGAZINE

There are four titles in Steam Deck: 'Confirmed Operation', 'Playable', 'Untested' and 'Not Supported'. The puzzle FPS 'Portal' developed by Valve has been confirmed to work, so I actually played it.

Below is where you actually play 'Portal' on the Steam Deck. Please note that the refresh rate of Steam Deck is limited to 60Hz, and we are playing with all default settings.

I tried playing Portal with Steam Deck - YouTube

The basic operation is the same as the operation with the controller, the left stick moves, the right stick moves the camera, and both L2 and R2 triggers fire the portal gun.

Steam Deck is a gaming PC to the last, so trackpads are attached to the left and right for operating the pointing device. Camera movement can also be operated using the trackpad, and if you tilt the Steam Deck while holding down the trackpad, you can operate the camera movement with gyro operation.

The back grip button and trackpad on the back can be configured by clicking the controller icon on the Steam game library page.

It is possible to assign actions such as 'crouch' and 'jump' to the back grip button.

In addition, the Portal was able to operate with the right trackpad, and it was possible to set the behavior and sensitivity.

Next, I played ``

Elden Ring '', which won `` Game of the Year '', which is dedicated to the best title of the year at The Game Awards 2022. Looking at the required specifications of the PC version of Elden Ring, ``CPU: Intel Core i5-8400, AMD RYZEN 3 3300X or higher'', ``Memory 12GB or more'', ``GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB'', so so A gaming PC with the performance of

The following movie is where I actually played Elden Ring with Steam Deck. It works smoothly without any problems, and I don't see any lag or jerky movements.

I played Elden Ring with Steam Deck on a mobile gaming PC - YouTube

The display size is 7 inches and the screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. However, I was used to playing with the Xbox wireless controller , so there were times when I was confused by the style of sticks right next to the cross button and ABXY button. Also, since you can assign evasion and item use to the back grip button, it will be easier to play if you set it to your liking.

A big feature of the Steam Deck's tactile feel is that the sticks are at the same height as

a PlayStation-style controller . So, I decided to play ' Katamari Encore ', which rolls a lump with two sticks.

With the Xbox Wireless Controller, the heights of the right and left sticks are different, so sometimes the feeling of operation didn't feel right, but with the Steam Deck, the two sticks are at the same height, so the feeling of operation is perfect. .

In the movie below, you can see where you actually play Katamari Encore.

Steam Deck with horizontal sticks makes it easy to play Katamari Encore - YouTube

The next ' Tekken 7 ' I played is a 3D fighting game, and the Steam Deck is 'playable'. Although it has not been confirmed to work, I was wondering if I could play it properly, so I played it.

As a result, you can play without problems. Although it is a game where the effects are quite flashy and delays are not allowed, I enjoyed smooth play without being jerky. However, since it is a fighting game, the ABXY buttons are small and it may feel a little difficult to input. Also, the input of the cross key was not crisp, and I intended to input the bottom, but it was in the lower right, so it may be necessary to get used to playing a fighting game that requires strict input in 8 directions. .

Below is a movie that actually played 'Tekken 7' with Steam Deck.

I tried playing 3D fighting game 'Tekken 7' with Steam Deck - YouTube

Next, I played the popular shooting game 'Toho Fujinroku', which is 'Untested for Steam Deck'.

When you start Tohofujinroku, you can start the controller layout tool separately from the main game. So I tried launching the Controller Layout Tool.

However, all the characters in the UI were garbled.

When I actually played it, it did not accept the input of the direction key, and although it started up, it was in a state where I could not play properly.

``Toho Fujinroku'' is not compatible with Steam Deck, so I actually played it - YouTube

This time, I tried playing the rhythm game `` AudioSurf '' that is played with a mouse from among the games that are ``Steam Deck play not supported''.

AudioSurf is a game released in 2008, basically a mouse-operated game. I also use the mouse to operate the UI, but I was able to operate it without problems by using the trackpad.

AudioSurf was said not to work with Steam Deck, but in fact it can be played by using a trackpad. You can also use the directional stick, so if you are not familiar with the trackpad, you can try the stick operation.

Games marked as ``Compatibility confirmed'' and ``Playable'' are guaranteed to be playable without problems, while some games marked as ``Untested'' and ``Non-supported'' cannot be played. If there is something, it is an impression that there is a mixture of things that can actually be played properly. The following movie is where I actually played.

Sound game 'AudioSurf' that can be played with a mouse is not compatible with Steam Deck, but you can play properly with Steam Deck - YouTube

The Steam Deck can be pre-ordered on the official website , and the price is 59,800 yen including tax for the 64GB eMMC model, 79,800 yen including tax for the 256GB NVMe SSD model, and 99,800 yen including tax for the 512GB NVMe SSD model.

Can you really play the portable gaming PC 'Steam Deck' anytime, anywhere? I measured the temperature and battery consumption - GIGAZINE

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