I compared the comfort of the portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally' with the 7-inch liquid crystal and the controller combined with the Nintendo Switch

PC maker ASUS will release a portable gaming PC ' ROG Ally ' with a controller and a 7-inch liquid crystal display set on June 14, 2023. Therefore, I checked the ease of holding and weight while comparing it with Nintendo Switch, a portable game machine with a controller and liquid crystal display as a set.

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You can see the appearance and spec summary of ROG Ally by looking at the following article.

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The top is ROG Ally and the bottom is Nintendo Switch (liquid crystal version). ROG Ally's liquid crystal is 7 inches, Nintendo Switch is 6.2 inches, and ROG Ally's screen is one size larger.

ROG Ally (right) is about twice as thick as Nintendo Switch (left). However, ROG Ally is characterized by a raised shape so that the controller part becomes a grip.

The actual weight of the Nintendo Switch is 397 g.

ROG Ally is 612g, about 1.5 times that of Nintendo Switch.

When I actually hold ROG Ally, the center of gravity is not biased, and the impression is that it is not that heavy. However, assuming that you lie on your back on the bed and play with ROG Ally on top, your arms may get more tired than the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch's genuine Joy-Con does not have a grip part, and it is somewhat difficult to hold when playing in portable mode.

On the other hand, ROG Ally has a grip part, and the fine grooves carved on the surface are non-slip, so there is a firm feeling of holding the controller firmly.

The big difference from the Nintendo Switch in the controller part is the position of the left and right analog sticks. With Joy-Con, the vertical position of the analog sticks has a large deviation, especially the left analog stick is vertically aligned with the cross button, and the right analog stick is vertically aligned with the ABXY button. needs a little trick. This is part of the design that allows the Joy-Con to be removed from the main unit and used.

The position of ROG Ally's analog stick looks like this. It is quite easy to move the thumb from the left and right analog sticks to the cross button and ABXY button, so it can be said that the operability is higher than the Nintendo Switch. The analog sticks have a fairly soft feel and move smoothly without stickiness.

The following article compares the results of comparing Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, which are the same portable gaming PCs as ROG Ally. In the case of Steam Deck, there are analog pads on the left and right, and the feature is that the analog sticks and buttons were lined up almost horizontally. Compared to the Steam Deck, ROG Ally is closer to a general gamepad, so if you usually use a gamepad, ROG Ally may be more familiar with your hands. The weight of ROG Ally is slightly lighter than the Steam Deck, and the width of ROG Ally is 2 cm shorter. ROG Ally's grip part is also easier to hold with a natural bulge, and I felt that ROG Ally was more comfortable in the sense of ``playing with hands''.

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ROG Ally can order a model with Ryzen Z1 Extreme for 109,800 yen including tax. At the time of article creation, Amazon.co.jp is also accepting reservations.

Amazon.co.jp: ASUS ROG ALLY Eilai RC71L Gaming PC Portable 7 inch Ryzen Z1 Extreme Memory 16GB SSD512GB Refresh Rate 120Hz Card Reader Windows 11 Mass 608g White RC71L-Z1E512: Computers & Peripherals

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