Facebook advertising manager turns out to have retired

Many problems have been pointed out that Facebook ads are not transparent enough to spread misinformation, and it is thought that after 2021, the way digital ads will change significantly will affect advertising revenue. Under these circumstances, it was discovered that the person responsible for Facebook's advertising integration retired from Facebook on December 30, 2020.

Facebook's advertising integrity chief leaves company | Reuters

Facebook ad integrity chief suddenly departs following political ad controversies | Daily Mail Online

Facebooks's advertising integrity chief Rob Leathern leaves company

As of January 2, 2021, Facebook's director of product management and advertising director Rob Rezern reported his retirement from Facebook on Twitter. Mr. Reston has been in charge of advertising on Facebook for about four years and has been involved in decisions such as the handling of political advertising in the presidential election and the handling of misinformation about the new coronavirus .

According to Mr. Rezern, December 30, 2020 is the last day of work. The next place of employment is not disclosed, but in the Twitter post, 'Beyond just advertising and social media, I will leave Facebook to work for consumer privacy.' 'In the future, it will be directly advertised. I have no plans to get involved and will work in the area of technology, data and privacy. '

Facebook derives most of its revenue from the advertising business, and the treatment of advertising is often controversial. The 2020 US presidential election has been strongly criticized for not conducting fact checks on political advertising. When it was pointed out that political advertising was loosely regulated, Facebook said, 'We do not have the ability to enable state and advertiser advertising in the short term, and we have equal tools and services for political advertisers. ”, But about a month later, only Georgia lifted the ban on political advertising.

It is reported that Facebook's advertising business recorded an increase in revenue even after receiving boycotts from many major brands, but on the other hand, it is expected thatrevenue will decrease in 2021. In addition, 2021 is scheduled to be the specification changes for Apple has revised the iOS of the privacy policy advertisement tracking, which Facebook's advertising business and greatly influenced by the fact that seen , even advertising campaign against the specification change It is expanding.

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