'Eating icicles is the same as eating bird droppings,' a climatologist warns

I'm sure there are people who have broken the 'icicles' that are formed by freezing the thawed water that drips from the roof and licked them like popsicles. The act of eating such icicles is 'the same as eating bird droppings,' a movie warned by an American climatologist has been released on TikTok and Twitter. The TikTok movie has collected about 2.6 million likes and has over 1.94 million views on Twitter.

Poopsicles: Meteorologist warns icicle eaters are likely licking bird feces

Kansas-based climatologist Katy Nikolau has released a movie on TikTok and Twitter that appeals to 'don't eat icicles.'

In the movie, Nikolau said, 'I warn you as a climatologist. Icicles are created because the melted water from the roof flows down to the sides of the building. What else is on the roof? Do you know? It's a bird droppings, 'he said, pointing out that eating icicles is unsanitary. In fact, bird dung may contain salmonella , campylobacter , psittacosis chlamydia , and avian influenza virus, which can cause food poisoning.

There are various comments on Mr. Nikolau's complaint on Twitter.

'I never thought I wouldn't know that unless I was a climatologist.'

'This message comes from millennials and Gen Z, who were raised to fear everything. Many of us over the age of 40 eat icicles as a child, but survive. It's a miracle!' Mr. Craig's reply caused a heated debate that attracted more than 400 tweets.

'She literally says she doesn't eat frozen bird droppings, but you're turning it into an intergenerational issue.'

Criticism was concentrated on Mr. Craig's reply, such as 'There are people like Mr. Craig, so in our country, even highway signs are displayed as if washing hands.'

In addition, Mr. Nikolau said, 'Icicles can not be used for perfect crimes. If the icicles are large enough, it may break the opponent's bones, but it is too fragile to pierce.' A movie showing how big icicles were pierced into the movie.

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