I carefully observed the black rectangular parallelepiped that enables 4K / 120FPS, the opening ceremony of Microsoft's next-generation machine 'Xbox Series X'

Microsoft will finally release the next-generation home video game console '

Xbox Series X ' on November 10, 2020 (Tuesday). Microsoft is implementing a preview program of Xbox Series X for some media, and the actual machine of Xbox Series X came to the editorial department of GIGAZINE ahead of time, so first of all, what kind of game machine is Xbox Series X finished? I tried taking pictures of the exterior and peripherals.

All-new Xbox Series X | Xbox

When I opened the huge box that Microsoft sent to the editorial department of GIGAZINE, the Xbox Series X package jumped into my eyes.

In addition, the back side of the cardboard box was printed with a pattern that imaged the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X package looks like this. The most distinctive top vents on the Xbox Series X are large.

The image below shows a 171 cm tall male editorial staff holding the package in both hands. The package is heavy, but it's portable enough.

And in the right corner, along with theXbox Velocity Architecture icon, it was appealing as '4K 120FPS' and '1TB SSD'.

On the left side is a photo of the Xbox Series X console and controller.

On the right side is a photo of the motherboard and a list of each function and contents.

On the back is the message 'JUMP IN' and the master chief of '

Halo Infinite ', which was scheduled to be released at the same time as the Xbox Series X itself, but was postponed to the 2021 release .

The package has a structure that can be opened like a treasure box, instead of the 'double structure of the outer box and inner box' that is seen in general game machines.

The message of 'JUMP IN' that jumps into my eyes again.

Inside was a user's guide and the Xbox Series X itself. The body is covered with a black wrapping paper and wrapped with a paper band.

I want to dive quickly! When you remove the obi and turn over the wrapping paper, a black rectangular parallelepiped appears.

This is the Xbox Series X. It looks like this when placed vertically. The black body has a matte texture and a silky feel. It's a rectangular parallelepiped that's so simple that it looks like a speaker at first glance.

The size of the main body is 151 mm in length x 151 mm in width x 301 mm in height. You can see how big it is by arranging 2 liter PET bottles side by side.

I put it horizontally on the scale to weigh it.

Only the main body without HDMI cable and power cable weighed 4.40 kg.

Next, let's take a closer look at each part. In the upper left corner of the front, there is a power button with the familiar logo of the Xbox series.

A disk drive in the lower left corner, a controller connection button and a USB port in the lower right corner.

Round rubber is attached to the four corners on the right side so that it will be the bottom when placed horizontally.

The left side is the part that becomes the top when placed horizontally, but there is nothing but a small Xbox logo engraved in the corner.

The bottom has a mesh structure so that part of it becomes a vent, and a rubber disk is attached.

It's a little confusing in the image, but the disc is engraved with 'Xbox' and 'Hello from Seattle.'

The back looks like this.

A label with the

CE mark , technical suitability mark , body manufacturing date, product ID, and serial number is affixed. Below that are meshes and ports for ventilation.

The ports are two USB 3.0, one LAN cable connector, one power connector, one

1TB Seagate storage expansion card slot (sold separately), and one HDMI output. The protrusion above each port is a tactile indicator for the visually impaired .

And the most characteristic top surface. From the mesh structure, you can glimpse the green parts that symbolize the Xbox brand and the fans of the quiet design. Xbox Series X adopts 'Xbox Parallel Cooling Architecture' with three airflow channels. The internal structure and fan create an air flow from the bottom and bottom of the back to the top, and while cooling while evenly distributing the heat generated inside, quietness is also guaranteed.

For the detailed specifications of Xbox Series X, see the following article.

Detailed specifications of the next-generation game machine 'Xbox Series X' have been released, not only a major evolution of basic specifications but also support for dedicated expansion SSD & external storage --GIGAZINE

Looking back at the package, I found a large box on the back of the space where the main body was stored.

The contents were the product instruction manual, HDMI cable, power cable, controller, and two AA batteries included.

The included HDMI cable is an

HDMI 2.1 cable, which is based on the Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable standard. It supports 4K / HDR.

Since the power supply is built into the Xbox Series X itself, the familiar 'huge AC adapter' in the Xbox series is gone, and the power cable is a simple glasses-type cable .

The rated capacity of the power cable was 7A x 125V.

The Xbox Series X controller has a different design than that of the Xbox One. All subsequent controller images are the Xbox Series X controller on the left and the Xbox One controller on the right.

There is almost no change in the size or shape of the controller. The Xbox Series X home button is now black instead of silver. Also, a share button has been added between the view button and the menu button.

The cross key on the lower left has been changed to a disc type like the

Xbox Elite wireless controller , which is a higher version of the Xbox One controller. It is a disc type with a 'click' feeling, but it can be pushed in four directions, up, down, left and right.

It is common that there is a button for wireless connection on the top surface, but the connection port of the Xbox Series X controller is USB Type-C. Also, the L / R buttons and triggers are almost the same shape, but the Xbox Series X controller has a matte surface, which makes it less slippery with finer irregularities.

Like the Xbox One, it has a 3.5mm audio port and expansion jack on the bottom. In addition, the Xbox Series X controller has more unevenness on the back, making it less slippery when gripped.

It's almost the same from the side, but the Xbox Series X has a slightly shallower grip.

And I'm planning to publish an article about what it would be like to actually play with Xbox Series X at a later date, so stay tuned.

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Next-generation game machine 'Xbox Series X' that can output 4K HDR video at 120Hz Play review, high quietness and simple and light UI are attractive --GIGAZINE

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