Amazon announces that it will extend the telecommuting period associated with the new Corona measures

Amazon had announced that the work-at-home period of employees working in the office as a measure against new type coronavirus infection

will be until October 2, 2020, but by extending the period, work-at-home until January 8, 2021 Announced to allow.

Amazon extends work from home policy to January 2021, opens offices with new safety measures-GeekWire

Amazon coronavirus work from home policy extended until January 8

An Amazon spokesman said, 'We continue to prioritize employee health and follow local government guidance. Employees who can work effectively at home will be allowed to work from home until January 8, 2021. In addition, Amazon has invested a large amount of money and resources to ensure the safety of employees who choose to come to the office by ensuring social distance, checking body temperature, providing face mask, antiseptic solution, etc. Comment. Employees wishing to work during the same period must obtain the permission of their manager.

Prolonged working from home has affected some content development at Amazon. CFO Brian Orsabsky said Amazon Studios have stopped programming and are delaying the development of new devices at an Amazon conference call in April 2020. Suggested the possibility. While generally admitting delays in content development, 'I think it's generally possible to get the job done while employees work from home,' said Orsabski. As an effort that Amazon is focusing on during the pandemic period, Mr. Olsabusky cites 'investment in delivery capacity'.

Also, among major IT companies including Amazon, there is a difference in the movement of employees working from home. Microsoft allows employees to

work from home until October 2020, and Google will resume offices in cities around the world from July 6, 2020. Apple plans to gradually return employees to the office over the course of several months during 2020. However, some Apple Store stores in the United States, which had resumed operations from May 2020, announced that they would close the stores again as the number of new coronavirus infections in the United States surged again .

In March 2020, when the infection with the new coronavirus began to spread, Twitter encouraged employees to work from home as soon as possible , allowing some employees to work from home indefinitely. In addition, we are trying to create as safe an environment as possible for employees who need to go to work such as server maintenance. Facebook also allows employees to work from home indefinitely and has announced that it will implement remote work from a long-term perspective .

Amazon does not explicitly say which department's employees are allowed to extend the telecommuting period, but commented that extending the telecommuting period is a 'global policy.'

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