`` Shopify '', which is also called the key to overcoming Amazon, allows employees to work from home even after the new Corona

Twitter became the first major company to

permanently allow employees to work from home even after the pandemic of the new coronavirus was over. Later, Facebook also allowed some employees to continue working from home, announcing that half of all employees could be teleworked by 2030. In addition, Shopify, which provides an EC platform that is also known as the key to overthrow Amazon, is reported to allow employees to continue teleworking permanently.

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Shopify Is Joining Twitter in Permanent Work-From-Home Shift-Bloomberg

Canada's Shopify CEO says era of 'office centricity is over; most staff to permanently work from home-Reuters
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-shopify/canadas-shopify-ceo-says-era-of-office-centricity-is-over-most-staff-to-permanently-work- from-home-idUSKBN22X21M

Shopify, which has about 5,000 employees and contractors, allowed them all to continue working from home after the new corona virus blockade and social distance strategies were over. Note that Shopify is the first major Canadian-based company to allow permanent employee teleworking.

Bloomberg interviewed Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke in a video call, where Shopify redesigned its space to fit the idea of digital defaults and will continue to recommend telework for the rest of 2020. He said he plans to close all offices. According to Lutke, Shopify limits office capacity to around 20-25%.

'We expect the majority of our employees to work from home in the future,' Lutke said, with the intention of encouraging telework. In addition, Mr. Lutke said, 'I think it is important to adapt to the new reality as soon as possible', and it is important to quickly respond to the way of work that has changed drastically due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. I will.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is a company with a market value of $ 85 billion (about 9.1 trillion yen), and it is said that it is a platform with a variety that defeats Amazon, which dominates the EC market, It is the presence of an expert.

Shopify has more than 16 offices around the world, including London, Tokyo, and Shenzhen, but the company plans to redesign the meeting rooms, elevators, and employee work spaces in each office after the end of the new coronavirus. He says. A spokeswoman for the company said, 'We'll avoid crowds and allow employees to gather through virtual tiles and video screens as if they were in the office, eliminating the need for traditional meeting rooms. There is. ”

Shopify is a 'to open a new office in Toronto in 2022' in May 2019 announcement had been. The new office is part of a plan to increase the number of employees at Shopify, which will cover a total floor area of 23,600 square meters. Although Shopify has announced plans to reduce office capacity, a spokesman said the new office and locations in Ottawa, Waterloo, Montreal, and Vancouver will continue to operate.

In contrast, Apple is reportedly planning to return employees to the office early.

Apple plans to return employees working from home with the new Corona to the office, major IT companies allow long-term remote work across the board-GIGAZINE

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