Apple plans to return employees working from home with the new Corona to the office, major IT companies allow long-term remote work across the board

At several offices, including Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Apple is in the process of returning employees to their offices. This contrasts with other large technology companies that keep their employees working from home.

Apple Plans to Return More Staff to Offices in Break From Rivals-Bloomberg

Some Apple employees will reportedly return to physical offices soon-The Verge

Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to gradually return employees to the office over the next few months. In the first stage, 'employees who cannot work from home' or 'employees who are facing difficulties working from home' will be able to return to the office. This first phase has already begun, and it is reported that employees returning to the office are likely to include 'employees working on Apple's hardware.'

Also, the second stage is scheduled to start in July 2020, and it is said that more people will return to the office than the employees who returned to the office in the first stage.

However, it is unclear what kind of new corona virus measures Apple will take to resume office operations. According to Bloomberg, some employees who have been asked to return to the office may only need to work in the office for a period of time. In addition, Apple's CEO Tim Cook

announced a plan for employee return to work in April 2020, and it is said that it will take 'body temperature check after returning home' and 'strategy to keep social distance' ..

Apple plans to bring employees back to the office very quickly compared to other companies. In Google and Facebook, 1 year is promoting most of an environment so that employees can work at home, Amazon at least until October 2, the telecommuting employee permission has been.

In addition, Twitter allows employees to work from home indefinitely after the new coronavirus is over.

Twitter allows employees to work from home even after the end of the new Corona-GIGAZINE

Although Apple closed all retail stores other than China on March 14, 2020, some retail stores in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama, and Alaska are the first in May 2020. We plan to resume business from 3 weeks. Employees are required to measure temperature and wear masks at stores that will be reopening business.

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