Amazon announces that the number of work days when reopening the office will be 'free for each team', full remote continuation is also OK


Ravi Shah

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced on October 12, 2021 that each team will leave the minimum number of working days to resume office work in January 2022 at the discretion of each team. However, flexible work schedules are allowed for employees who work in the office, not for employees and drivers who work in the warehouse.

Amazon offering teams more flexibility as we return to office

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In August 2021, Amazon announced that it would postpone the resumption of office work from September 2021 to January 2022. At this time, employees were scheduled to work for at least three days of the week and telework for at most two days.

Then, in an email to employees on October 12, CEO Jasie said, 'Instead of deciding to work three days a week in the office, we decided to let each team decide what to do. The structure is decided by the director who is the manager who leads the team. Each team decides what is best for the customer, such as a team that keeps working remotely, a team that combines remote and attendance, and a team that mainly works in the office. I hope that will make a decision. '

CEO Jasie said that the reasons for changing the schedule to go to work at least three days a week are that 'Amazon's company is large and there is no effective universal approach for all teams' and 'Pandemic convergence' In anticipation, it is necessary to carry out trial and error for the time being. '

The director who oversees each team will report the work plan to the company by January 3, 2022, in consultation with the team leader and employees belonging to the team.

CEO Jasie wants to be able to move to the office within a day if a meeting is needed, but also allows him to continue working remotely, depending on the director's decision. From this, the Seattle Times, a local newspaper in Seattle, Washington, where Amazon is headquartered, said, 'Amazon allows workers to continue working remotely indefinitely as long as they can commute to the office when needed. I allowed it. '

According to the IT news site The Verge, this decision applies only to office employees, so we developed warehouse workers, drivers, AWS data center employees, physical store staff, and devices. It is said that flexible schedules are not allowed for employees who are working. In an email to employees, CEO Jasie said, 'Some jobs are inflexible to work remotely. I am very grateful for the passion, dedication and ongoing efforts of my teammates in these positions. I will. '

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