Service 'Zola search' review that can search works of Aozora Bunko by reading completion time

Aozora Bunko is a web service that publishes the texts of works whose copyrights have disappeared or works approved by the author, and anyone can use them free of charge. A 'can be searched by author name + completing reading the estimated time' service 'Zorasachi' works that have been published in such a blue sky paperback, web director and developers Hogenishi 's was developed.

Zora Search by Bungoumeru | Service that can search works of Aozora Bunko by end time

We released service 'Zola search' which can search works of Aozora Bunko by standard reading end time-NOT SO BAD blog

If you want to search for works published in Aozora Bunko, click on a link that arranges author names or work names in alphabetical order.

For example, when trying to find a work whose title starts with 'A', works starting with 'A' are arranged in a list as shown in the image below, and the author's name etc. are listed side by side .

The site of Aozora Bunko is designed to emphasize listability, so it is very useful when you want to find works of Osamu Dazai or read 'Spring and Shura'. On the other hand, Hoge-Nishi felt that 'it is quite difficult to find a book I do not know yet on the Aozora Bunko site'.

Also, Hoge-Nishi cares about how long it takes to finish reading a book before he reads a book. I can not know. Therefore, even if you are looking for a work when you want to read a short story in the train waiting time or read a little novel at a coffee shop's meeting, it may happen that the work drawn in the title is a long story .

Mr. Hoge, who was receiving the benefits of Aozora Bunko from the usual day, thought that 'I want to create a service to solve these points' with the meaning of return to Aozora Bunko, and it is possible to search for works by reading end time He has developed 'Zola Search'. When I accessed the

top page of Zora Search, the works published by Zurari and Aozora Bunko were lined up in the center of the screen.

By default, a large number of works are arranged in the order of popularity calculated based on the access ranking of the past 10 years. It is just in order of popularity, and it is a group of people like 'Kokoro', 'Ame Nemo Makez' and 'Run Meros'. The title of the work is the author, the reading time and the number of letters are displayed as a guide, and the star showing the degree of popularity is displayed until the writing.

If you want to search for works using Zora Search as a guide, click the '5 minutes within', '10 minutes', '30 minutes', '60 minutes', '1 hour ...' OK. When I click 'within 5 minutes' for the test ...

Based on the approximate reading completion time converted from the number of letters, works that can be read within 5 minutes were displayed in order of popularity.

Because it is not sorted by title or author, it is possible to select a work that you are interested in from various types of writers. When 'within 5 minutes' is selected, the number of characters seems to be about 2000 or less.

If you search for 'within 10 minutes', the displayed work changes.

If it is 'within 60 minutes', the displayed work will be more like a middle story rather than a short story ...

When I clicked on '1 hour ...', the full-length work was displayed in a row.

In addition, in Zola Search, it is also possible to search by combining the author name and the reading completion time. First, select the time to read, type the name of the writer you like into the search form, and click 'search' to select the perfect work from the works of the writer you like.

It is also easy to search the works of other interested writers at the same reading time.

Zola Search can also be used from a smartphone browser.

In the mobile version, the number of characters and writing are not written on the work display page, but you can search for works based on the reading completion time and the author name.

Zorra Search is a convenient service that allows you to search for a perfect work based on the standard reading time when you want to read something in 30 minutes before you go to bed and want to find works that can be read in 10 minutes because you came too early. It had become.

In addition, Hoge-san, a developer, has also released a service called 'Bungo-mail', in which a masterpiece of Aozora Bunko is sent little by little by e-mail every morning. Even those who are 'busy and don't have time to read books' can easily get a reading experience simply by reading the short sentences sent each morning.

Aung Bunko's masterpieces are delivered in small parts by mail that can be read in 3 minutes a day 'Bungo Mail' review-GIGAZINE

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