We have been ahead of the season by eating 'White Peach Soft' at a mini stop, where the refreshing sweetness of White Peach smoothly spreads

' White peach soft ' using domestic white peach juice will be provided sequentially from April 5 at Ministop.

White peach which becomes the season from July to August is particularly popular among peaches, and 'White peach soft' can enjoy the taste like eating white peach itself. I actually ate and checked how much it could be reproduced.

The whole peach ~, feeling eating ~ pre-season 'white peach soft' 4/5 (Fri) sequentially released
(PDF file) https://www.ministop.co.jp/corporate/release/assets/pdf/20190403_10.pdf

Arrive at Ministop.

At the storefront, the appearance of white peach soft was strongly appealed with a fluttering flag for spring breeze.

White peach soft can choose cup and cone. You could also order a mix with vanilla ice. All prices are tax-included 220 yen.

White peach soft (tax-included 220 yen) is such a feeling. The energy is 160 kcal.

The cream part is pale pink like pale pink, and it is the perfect color in spring.

Try eating it with the included spoon. Creams are not particularly soft or hard, and they are usually soft. When put in the mouth, the smell of white peach and the refreshing sweetness spread with a smooth cream. It has a fresh mouthfeel, and the sweetness does not get sticky. There is no fresh texture due to soft cream, so although I can not go to 'I'm eating white peach itself', 'White peach soft' was a soft cream that I can enjoy the sweetness and smell of white peach with a firm feeling.

White peach soft is a mini-stop, and it will be handled sequentially from April 5, 2019, and will be offered at stores nationwide from April 12, 2019. As there are stores that we do not offer until April 12, it is recommended that people who want to eat early check in advance by phone etc. whether they are handled at familiar stores.

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