Spielberg director & original authors' commentary trailer of science fiction film "LADY PLAYER 1" developing stage of treasure trouble in VR space set in a devastated future

In the devastated near future devoted to the VR space "Oasis" by people all over the world, "Oasis" developer SF movie "Lady Player 1Trailer ofIt is published on YouTubeHowever, a new novel by Steven Spielberg and the original novel "Game WarsIs the author ofErnest Klein'S commented trailer has been released.


"Jurassic Park"E. TErnest Klein's monologue, which wrote the original novel "Game Wars" of "Lady Player 1", flows backwards with the video of Steven Spielberg's directorial work. "Without the work of Director Steven Spielberg, I would not have been able to create a" game wars ""

"The work of Director Stephen Spielberg formed my life"

"Without those pieces of work, I think I could not write" Game Wars "or it was totally different."

Followed by Steven Spielberg's comment. "When I read" Game Wars ", the future and the past sight were exactly the same, and it looked like a flash."

The trailer of "Lady · Player 1" will flow as it is. "I was born in 2025, but I wanted to be born and raised in the 1980s if I could," the main character Wade's monologue.

In 2045, the geek youth Wade lived in Ohio.

People living in buildings like scraps overflow in the town ......

Everyone wears a VR headset and seems to be stuck in the world of VR space "Oasis".

"I feel that the devastated world of" Lady Player 1 "is a possible future in reality," said Spielberg, who is concerned about the future.

"In the future where our world stalled, people escape to VR space is the same as indulging in a wonderful drug."

Wade said, "Besides" Oasis ", there is no place to go anywhere in this world ..."

VR headset installed.

Wade has become a thin handsome in the VR space.

"In cooperation with Ernest who was the original at all stages to make this movie, I was careful not to spill over what film the world of" Oasis "is affected," said Spielberg I will.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ernest was able to create "world of oasis" with the world's best movie director with the toy box turned over, "he seems satisfied with the work with Spielberg .

"It's a story of wonderful action and adventure"

"The world of" Oasis "created by Mr. Ernest, who is a very high foresighted owner, is the most likely of the" future "that we have imagined so far," said Spielberg.

The film "Lady Player 1" is released on Friday, April 20, 2018.

· Staff & Cast
Director: Steven Spielberg
Screenplay: Zac Penn
Original: Ernest Klein "Game Wars"
Cast: Thailand · Sheridan, Olivia · Cook, Mark · Lyricance, Simon · Pegg, TJ · Miller, Ben · Mendelthorn, Morisaki Wynn
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie

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