Tom Cruise and others do not really CG but fight with running in the real maneuver suit "All You Need Is Kill" special video GIGAZINE exclusive release

A movie released on July 4All You Need Is Kill"Is a work in which Hiro Sakurazaka's light novel was made into a live-action film in Hollywood. In the already released trailerA battle-scenes battle scenes that loops over until sortieing and war deathActually, the suits of soldiers who come out in the movie are real, not CG, and in the battle scene, Tom Cruise starring Tom Cruise and Emily Brant himself are wearing a suit and acting A movie that tells himself that things have been released.

"All You Need Is Kill" Tom Cruise and director talks about man suit - YouTube

Tom Cruise plays is a soldier Keiji who fights a mysterious invader. Aggressor attacks are overwhelming, the world is on the verge of destruction, transport machines that have brought the cages to the forefront are also shot down.

Keiji is thrown to the forefront inevitably

Keiji has low combat skills and will kill in just 5 minutes ... ....

But when you came to the battle, Keiji returns to the day before being sent to the forefront.

Once sent to the forefront, it is sent to the forefront and died in battle, and awaken again, it is sent to the forefront ... Keiji can not leave the one day loop.

There is no prospect of winning at all.

In such a loop ... ....

Cage meets Rita, the strongest female soldier, and reveals that I keep looping on the same day. Rita who heard it makes use of the looping ability to train the cage.

The stage of the work is the future, the partner who is fighting is an extraterrestrial life body.

There is a considerably endless atmosphere in the world under construction ... ...

Emily Brandt, who plays the role of human beings, is surviving.

Keiji has been put into a strategy to push the enemies by putting in the whole army to reduce the burden of the western fight.

Doug Lyman said that the hardest work in this work was the soldiers' mobility suit.

"It's just a tank to wear"

Emily Brandt who plays the role of "Rita" It is said that "Jumping or fighting - suits capable of superhuman movement"

For this suit, I am wearing real things, not CG, to produce a sense of presence.

It weighs about 40 kg only for a suit. ...... It is insanely heavy, but Tom looks happy for some reason.

It seems that it will be as much as 55 kg if the accessories are combined.

Pierre Bohanna was responsible for the production

It is precisely designed to wear properly and move it.

"The weapons included are cool," said Tom.

Equipped with machine gun on one arm

The other arm has become a grenade launcher

Also, Rita 's suit has two arms growing from his back, and the Railgun is to be able to shoot with automatic sighting.

Keiji 's suit also has a similar structure, but one of the arms that grew from her back was a sniper rifle.

The suit firstly tried what was almost completed.

Because all the infantry is wearing this maneuverable suit, the actors train the body and take a picture ......

"We had a hard time with the weight of the suit," Emily Brandt said.

On the first day of filming, you can wear a suit and walk like "Impossible" You can see the figure shaking the neck sideways.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise was spending hours wearing suit from the first day.

Tom to beat dash while wearing a suit. Along with the director and the stunt team, he seemed to have considered various movements possible.

As a result, "I can do any stunt" director.

I am very satisfied with the picture taken on the first day.

It is like this at the stage of filming in the studio ......

To the battlefield where bullets flock when processing.

Black aircraft and flying airplanes are CG, but the infantry who fight with wearing a man suits are live action photos.

This is one of shooting situations.

Emily and Tom brave dash.

Scenes that hit cars ......

I really hit a car with my suit wearing.

"Everyone was enjoying that tightness," Tom said.

Emily also said that "walking around is fun," "It was fun to be a weapon," he says.

"I am not a soldier," Keiji

Rita answers "Well, you return" weapons ".

The movie 'All You Need Is Kill', which is depicted as if the infantry fight desperately in a struggling situation, is 3D and 2D simultaneous release on July 4th.

The second special video is also released.

Tom Cruise repeatedly repeats "Waking up, fighting, and dying" to fight against Gitai "All You Need Is Kill" Special video 2nd GIGAZINE Exclusive release - GIGAZINE


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