A super-movie movie challenging to shoot down a helicopter with a car full of bombs

With a flashy action like Jackie Chan or Hollywood's action star, I challenge the battle of cars vs helicopter boldlyBattlefield 3It's a super-movie movie.


First on the car and the carC-4 bombWe will continue to install.

And get on the car ... ....

Let's sortie

It gradually approaches the battlefield anymore

The shadow of the helicopter can be seen to the left of view, but it is the target.

Since the helicopter is moving slowly from the left hand side of the hill, this will run up the hill.

And big jump!

Jump down from the car and get a detonator here.

If it's a movie it's a scene where the face of a rogue named "Wow!

Collision with Doku. Traffic accident of a land-air rain.

And detonation, a big explosion.

It seems I have killed about 5 people in a stroke with a helicopter shot down.

I think that this is the end, the viewpoint changes and the image continues.

A C-4 ​​bomb-equipped soldier is also descending.

I turned my body towards the helicopter who was flying. No way ...?

Point the bomb

Whether she is aware or not, helicopter is attacking the ground.

And I passed the helicopter ... ...

Detonation. I shot down the helicopter.

It was a great battle that brought about a bold attack while jumping out of the battlefield.

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