In the movie, the standard "car chase in town" can be reproduced to the extent that the video author can be realized with the RC car?

The car chase of a powerful machine by the machine which blows in the city is a classic action scene in the movie, but it shows the appearance of exploding in the radio controlled car in a small town made of cardboard, as if it were a movie full of powerful scenes The movie "The Cliche RC Action Chase", But a video writerZach KingIt is being made by Mr.. The fierce car chase scene by the radio controlled car is worth seeing at first sight.

The Cliche RC Action Chase - YouTube

Two red and white radio controlled cars.

Set the radio control car in the "town" made of cardboard, "action!"

Ford Mustang started to run in the town that seemed to be genuine at a distance.

A machine that drifts through the city and blows up in a hurry.

A picture of a surprise just like the real one.

The car chase that it is likely to come into contact with is still impressive full mark.

I heard the two car chases, one helicopter took off from the base. Of course, these helicopters and tanks are also models.

From side-by-side condition, touch.

A white Mustang pushed into the terrace seat so that it could be flicked out. Scattered bread and fruits are real.

Finally the helicopter appears over the sky.

Lock on to target.

Firing a shell without hesitation.

Smoke rises from the building.

To the attack from the sky, Red Mustang does not end but turns.

I escape to the back side of a narrow alley.

Car chase on a narrow road behind alley is like a movie scene.

Forward, in the same way movies are decided "closed for traffic"

On the sign of 'Stop' is 'promote' is a promise in the movie.

Although the scale is different, while a heavy machine such as a bulldozer is working ......

I sewed the two units and escaped.

If you forcibly break through the construction site ......

Hair pin curve

Two units that collide violently while remaining drifting.

Machine to go through the construction site ......

Looking shooting crew. After this, it will be the ending of the impact, but please check the movie to see what happened.

A state of making of the car chase movie "The Cliche RC Action Chase" with a realistic radio control car is also made public.

How to make a Car Chase Scene - YouTube

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