Two pilots of "Pacific Rim" Jaeger talk about wearing a 15 kg pilot suit and moving 16 hours a day

The movie "Pacific Rim" released from Saturday, August 10 is a movie that human beings ride on a huge humanoid weapon Jaeger and fight against huge monsters appearing from the Pacific Ocean, but in this work Charlie Hanum, who played the main character's Raleigh Beckett, and an interview where Idris Elba who played Pent cost cost talks about the charm of the work was released. According to two people, that director Guillermo del Toro has betrayed something extraordinary in this work from Bing Bin to begin with, it is finished as a work to grasp the hearts of new fans far enough .

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"Pacific Rim" Charlie Hanam & Idris Elba interview - YouTube

"Did you think that it will be such a masterpiece from the beginning?"

Idris E. Elba (Left) serving as Pent Cost Commander answered "Yes" immediately upon receiving this question. Charlie Hanum (right) also replied that enthusiasm got through Bimbin from the beginning. Regarding this work, Director Dello Toro has a magnificent vision, and in the past work he had failed a few times and failed, so how to enter the spirit of "It can not fail with this work" was substantial Appearance.

The legendary pictures which produced the movie had enough abilities to handle huge characters such as Jaeger and Kaiju, so that the work was sticking to the details of the reality, and as a result, That's why works that are fascinated by the viewer have been completed.

Idolis Elba who read the script wrote that "This is going to be a really amazing work" and arranged the names of Pacific Rim with the big titles such as "Star Wars" and "Batman".

"Please tell me about the relationship between each other's roles"

"The relationship between Beckett and Pent Cost Commander is also one of the highlights of this work," said Charlie Hanham. Creating a creative and exciting world that can not be seen elsewhere, it is highly acclaimed that Director Guillermo del Toro has a terrible thing to draw out a beautiful human drama that hits people's heart.

Both of them are pilots, we will forget the differences in position by having faced the world crisis and will unite. The impression of Idris Ehrba is that the scene tells Beckett that "five Jaegers left in the world can only fly to you." The two seemed to have had a meaningful experience that the unity is strengthened day by day by pursuing reality by spinning a story with the director, just like a role.

"Is the production of this movie a trial?"

According to Charlie Hanam, "I was trying not to forget the scale feeling of the work." The suit worn by them has a weight of 15 kg, it takes two minutes to wear, it takes 30 minutes, but with it wearing it will move from 12 hours to 16 hours a day and then 200 liters per second I think that shooting that the amount of water is sprinkled and that it is covered with a flamethrower is like a thing that can not be said with a word "hard", but there is no need for acting only in such a situation, "It really dies It seems to have been fighting. "

Similar to Idris · Elba, although it is a scene surrounded by subordinates and families, because it is wearing a suit, it is hardened to the crotch and it is hard to perform acting emotionally It was an experience. "

When I look at the picture with knowing such a difficulty, I am surprised by the actor's gut feeling that "This suit is really not only a pretense but a really heavy one".

Film "Pacific Rim" announcement 2 (subtitled version) [HD] released on August 9, 2013 - YouTube

It is being advertised as a Hollywood debut work by Ashida Aina, but it is also noteworthy that the dub version is a talent and does not take precedence over making a topic but it is also attentive to the fact that it has become one of the most talented voice actors. Please have a look.

Trainee's foreman Mako (Kikuchi Rinko / voice: Megumi Hayashibara) who gets on Jaeger with Beckett, commander's pent cost (Idris · Elba / voice: Tentako Genda), the crisis of the earth visited again in the original pilot Laurie Becket (Charlie Hanumu / voice: Tomokazu Sugita) to get in.

Director: Guillermo del Toro / Screenplay: Travis · Beecham / Cast: Charlie Hanam, Idris Elba, Riko Kikuchi, Ron Perlman, Akina Ashida and others
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie

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