Spiralberg directed SF epic work "Ready Player One", the original search for "Otaku hit" Game Wars ", originally directed by VR World OASIS founder who founded world in collapse in 2045, seeking treasure hidden

In the near future where the gap between rich and poor by the global energy crisis expanded and devastated, in the virtual world of the computer called "Oasis" which people take over, we acquire the heritage of James Halliday who is an oasis developer and millionaires "Treasure hunt" begins ... ... SF movie "Ready Player OneThe trailer has been released. In the trailer of this work directed by Stephen Spielberg, it is a character of the Badman seriesHurley QuinnAnd "Nightmare on Elm Street"Freddie Kruger,"AKIRAKaneda motorcycle "and"Back to the FutureOf the seriesDerolianAs items such as various fiction character items are appearing one after another.

Ready Player One - SDCC Teaser - Warner Bros. UK - YouTube

The stage is America in the near future where the gap between rich and poor has expanded due to the energy crisis. The city has been devastated and has become like a slum town.

The poor send life to live in the trailer house.

The hero is a geek boy living in a trailer house, Wade.

Taking a self-made gadget ......


To the glove ......

VR headset installed.

And into the virtual space of the network 'Oasis'.

Wade walking in the costume space. Next toHurley QuinnYaDeath strokePeople who seems to be walking are walking.

Iron · GiantAs characters such as the characters of existing works and unexpected appearances appear one after another.

The policemen who appeared in the "Oasis" space.

The oasis space and the real world are interlocked, and the real world also becomes busy.

People who wear special suits and get placed.

Arms out ... ...

Pull a lot ......

In the virtual space the police officers opened the door of the police car.

I will add an engine to the seat.


Also a motorcycle with engine.

As police cars are blown away ......

What seems to be Kaneda motorcycle of "AKIRA" will appear right away.

A car that jumps over a broken road and is destroyed one after another.

A huge chunk attacks the city like a pendulum, and Derolian and Kaneda motorcycle run through it.

But these are events in the virtual space. As if surprised by something, if the leading character Wade took off the VR headset, the devastated reality spread out there.

The original novel "Ready Player One" has been translated under the title "Game Wars", and the outline is as follows.

Game Wars (top) (SB Collection) | Ernest Klein, toi 8, Ikeda Makiko | Book |

AD 2041. The world in which the innovative network was stretched was in a serious energy crisis.
Many people fell into the virtual world of computers called so that they fled from such reality.
One day, on the computer screen of suddenly the news telop of "James Halliday death" appeared.
James Halliday is a global millionaires who develops and manages . It is a charismatic existence of the game world.
Following the telop, a video message could be said to be the will of Harrise, and the earliest egg hidden in was discovered first, and it was declared to give up all heritage.

Also, Amazon reviews like the following are posted.

A reader who thinks that it is a geek novel will not suffer a great loss, 2014/9/13

In February 11, 2045 AD, the avatar name Percival of the hero's "Boku" in the virtual space OASIS on the Internet came to be known abruptly. It is this "me" that got the Copper Key first in the world. It's the first key to get to the huge heritage that OASIS founder James Halliday has constructed. Beginning this day various OASIS users will begin pursuing "I" trying to find the secret place of heritage as soon as possible ....

A geeky toy toy box, 2015/5/14

There is no other work that the word "like a toy box turned over" is also suitable. Moreover, there are a lot of 80s pop culture where authors poured love in the youth age. This work is a novel that is not a ton to unfold adventure kids with those toys one hand.

Super Talent Game After the death of Creator James Halliday, his will's video message was released. The content is to give him that heritage to those who solved quests that he devised to the virtual reality . As a result, all over the world was enthusiastic about that game, and the hero's boy was also dying for solving puzzles ... ... the synopsis of the story. It seems to the world as if somehow combined HUNDTER × HUNTER 's GRIDE · ISLAND Hen and Summer Wars.

However, this work is interesting, as it is the avatar and item of virtual reality, or just a story of simple story, there are various real things appearing anyway. Star Wars, Magma Ambassador, D & amp; D, Sesame Street, Monty Python, Macross, Macross, Street Fighter, Oingo Boingo, Highlander, AC / DC, Atari 800XL, ......, It is not enough. Competition of such geek knowledge was done publicly, and those works were reproduced in the virtual world, and no longer ant anything.

Enemy is a big company of evil! The geeks to pick me up! , 2015/2/2

And this story Villan, the enemy of detestation is a world big company!
They are colonized the Internet, exploit from the user, and empire of evil who pulls community as a tool of stema!
They are cunning! Build behind, unauthorized access, buying rare items, surpassing the provider 's information and applying realistic pressure!
If they are deprived of the net rights of the millionaire, the world will be dominated by evil!

The heroes are warriors who stood up to stop the domineering of such a rogue.
At first for gold, the nerds who were in conflict for their dreams will eventually notice the existence of evil to be beat down and gather together ....

The richest man prepared a game to try "dense" as an otaku.
The heroes are tried several times as knowledge as geeks in the story.
And this book asks the reader to also qualify as a geek.
Readers are also participants of the game.
A reader who can reach the final chapter without lacking imagination guarantees that the same amount of impression can be obtained as the hero.

Was funny! , 2014/6/12

A story as described above. The story in the Democratic world is novelty at all,
There are tangled up with the subculture of the 1980s delivering originality.

Although it is once SF in genre, it can be enjoyed enough even with scientific knowledge elementary school students.
Sentences are also easy to read, there are also tendencies in SF, just a long explanation will not last forever.

Because it is a story of the electronic world, it is a magical production far beyond "Matrix" (No, in the electronic world
There is a place where you can use magic) and it also includes fantasy elements.

In addition, as soon as the lower volume also comes, Mechago Godzilla, Gundam, Ultraman and others will also appear and will battle
It is difficult whether you can say SF anymore. However, thanks to a skillful world view, the deployment that seems to be such a messy tea
It can be convinced easily.

It made me laugh, I could cry ..., 2014/7/9

I think that one of the great attractions of this book is in depiction of gameplay.
In the spy novel about 30 years ago there was a work called "A-10 Capturing Retrieval Team."
The car chase drawn here was burning and realistic, I remembered driving feeling more than driving actually, but I felt the same thing in this book as well.
I admire the author 's (or translator' s) competence as a writer.

And above all, as a Japanese, I am filled with the desire to thank you for creating such a work.
After all, since rasubosu is "ARE", and it is a super-expansion that knocks it with "NANI" www
If you are a Japanese, you can not read chapters 25 and 35 without laughter and tears.

In addition, the movie will be released nationwide on March 30, 2018, the release date in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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