The latest trailer of "Lady · Player 1" which King Cong barks and Delorian blows to famous music of 80's to BGM is released

The latest trailer of the film "Lady Player 1" by Director Steven Spielberg, which will be released nationwide on Friday, April 20, 2018, has been released.In the trailer published in December 2017, Gundam and Chun-Li of Street Fighter II appeared and topicAnd,In the trailer released in February 2018, the content that has stepped into the story alsoAlthough it was supposed to be, the movie released this time has become a trailer that arranges big hit songs of the 80's backwards.

READY PLAYER ONE - Dreamer Trailer [HD] - YouTube

When Wade of the geek girl who lives in the slum area wears his own gadget ... ....

Scanning of the face begins.

And when you turn on the goggle on which the red display is displayed ... ...

A couple of lights will flow and log in to the VR space "Oasis".

It was a virtual space when passing through a long tunnel of light. Beautiful sea spreads under the sky and you can see the people who enjoy surfing in the big wave.

"Oasis" is a virtual space with a high degree of freedom that "you can do anything and become anything".

Wade's Avatar is also completely different from reality. The hairstyle can also be changed freely on the spot.

While immersed in the VR space, the actual Wade was dressed in such a suit.

This VR space "Oasis" was developed in the play "JobsBeyond! James Halliday is famous for being described as "James Halliday. He died leaving a will to "hide Easter eggs in" Oasis ".

Everyone who gets Easter eggs is given a huge heritage of Harlide and "Oasis" itself, so everyone will search for the key to Easter eggs.

Whether it is the start point of a car race, a lot of cars are lining up.

A man dressed in a suit watches over the situation.

In reality, Wade is talking with girls.

"Would you please join us?" And "Oasis" the woman hands out to Avade's in Wade ......

Even in reality girls lay their hands on the hands of Wade.

"Of course" Wade's avatar takes a hand of a woman little by little BGM volume rises, the flowing song is a hit number in the 80'sa-haof"Take On MeI understand it.

Two people joking hands and jumping.

While the majestic arrangement of "Take On Me" flows, while hitting a car in the city, Kotohiro Otomo's original "AKIRAYou see the appearance of a motorbike appearing in the.

And passing by with a brilliant drift run asideDerolianis.

A huge Tyrannosaurus welcomes a car that will sharpen in the city.

There are many neon signs in the place where Wade walks, but among them there are popular games "HALO"Or"OverwatchYou can see the logo.

As a key to be given by the old man, Wade extends his reach.

In a battlefield that is becoming a messIron · GiantFiring the beam from the eyes, Delorian runs over the spreading blast flames.

The real slums will collapse with the explosion ... ...

There is also a dark cloud in "Oasis" which was an ideal virtual space "I can do anything and can do anything".

Although the girl is crying in reality ... ....

In the virtual space King Kong gave a clown with the same pose as a girl.

At the end of the movie "Oasis" will make the gesture such that a woman removes a visor ......

Because I logged out, the woman's avatar collapsed as it was.

The movie "Lady Player 1" will be released in Japan on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Movie "Lady Player 1" Official Site

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