New "Tron Legacy" Trailer Came Out, Adding New Action Sequences

The remake of 1982's legendary cybersphere movie TRON in 2011 was announced on March, 2008, and famous "light bike" trailer came out in July, 2009.

And now we got another trailer for this traditional sci-fi with some action sequences. They only got 2D version for the trailer, but the movie will be distributed in 3D.

Read on for detail.

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Protagonist, maybe.

Riding on just an ordinary motorcycle.

Flynn's game arcade.

And he found "TRON".

But inserting coin couldn't make it work.

In the room behind TRON machine, he found a mysterious dusty computer.

Suddenly he bursts into a totally different world,

Now the trailer's getting really TRON.

A mysterious lady armed with a weapon like chakram.

And a group of men who would make things dicey.

A battle.

Another girl, a car and an old man.

Title logo.

To be distributed in 3D.

IMAX version will also be published.

And a short sequence of light bike.

To be premiered on Dec. 17, 2010. Hope we can see this in Japan soon.

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