"Syenoir" of the comeda coffee shop collaborated with "twig" "twig <siloir taste>" taste review, how much is it reproducibility?

From Tuesday, January 23, 2018, "twigs" and "comedian coffee shop" sirenoir collaborated "Twig "Appears for a limited time. Supervised by Komeda coffee shop, I tried to eat and actually eat what the taste of "Siro Noir" reproduced with twigs.

To relax relaxingly. Twig × Komeda Coffee Shop "Twig " New release on a limited time from Tuesday, January 23! From January 15th (Monday), there is also a store limited tasting campaign
(PDF file)http://www.morinaga.co.jp/public/newsrelease/web/fix/file5a4f4d98d8c32.pdf

The package of "twig " is a brown design that imaged the color of the coffee, and there is a logo of the comeda coffee shop in the center.

On the upper right is the letter "Comeda coffee shop supervision". I am wondering how far I can reproduce it firmly.

The size of the package does not change from ordinary "twig".

The top of the raw material is "sugar", "vegetable fat and oil" "whole milk powder" and so on. Whether it is trying to reproduce the Denish of Sino noiru, unlike ordinary twigs "dextrin"" Cake flavor chip "" biscuit "" processed starch "etc. are contained.

The calorie per bag is 30 kcal, totaling 330 kcal as 11 sachets per box.

Open the box ......

When taking out a small pouch, 'twig ' is an orange color which imaged the logo of the comeda coffee shop, and it contains 4 pieces per bag.

Compared to ordinary twigs, the design of the pouch is red, but the size and quantity do not change. However, the color of the twigs inside is very different, "twig " is cream color, but the usual "twig" is chocolate color.

Take one hand and smell it, the sweet smell of maple syrup will drift.

When you eat, you can feel the flavor of vanilla and maple syrup with a creamy texture in the mouth, you can enjoy the taste like maple syrup on vanilla ice just right. However, although I feel the texture of the puff of wheat, I could not feel the feeling of eating Sino noir 's Denish.

Up to where the "twig ", whether they are able to reproduce the upstream "Shironowaru" is, because I do not know just this, to try to eat actually "Shironowaru". Go to Komeda coffee shop ... ...

I ordered Silanoire.

Plenty of maple syrup ... ...

When eating, the main character "Shiro noir" is felt by the fragrance of Denish and fluffy "texture" which could not be felt with "twig ", it is characterized by eating more and more. However, "twig taste" enhances the scent of vanilla and maple syrup. It is the same as the composition, but it was the impression that "twig " is more firmly feeling "fragrance".

It is hard to say that "twig " is reproducing the siloirs itself, but recommended for those who like the combination of vanilla & maple syrup. In addition, "twig " is 194 yen including tax, it is limited for the period until the end of February.

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