WikiLeaks Julian Assassi appeared until the death theory continued to silence after the 2016 Internet blocking incident appeared in the live broadcast answer a number of questions

As the editor of WikiLeaks (WikiLeaks) who has been evaluated to leak Hilary Clinton's e-mail problem and changed the flow of the presidential election to the final stage, he still remains de facto embassy at the Embassy of the Ecuador in the UK continuingJulian AssangiOn January 10, 2017, on January 10, 2017, on "reddit" I did "Are you a Julian Assan but you want to hear" and "Ask Me Anything?" (AMA).

I am Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks - Ask Me Anything: IAmA

Mr. Assangi's death theory is whispered in the Internet in November 2016 As Mr. Assangi continued silence, "Mr. Assangi is alive" was of great interest. For this reason, Mr. Assanji's survival is confirmed for the first time in a long time in the live broadcasting video performed at AMA this time.

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(The Internet was shut downWill you explain the whole thing in October 2016?

Back then it was too busy. So let's explain it as conceptually as possible.

I have been in the embassy about 4 and a half years (Ecuador in the UK). It is a very small embassy. This embassy is surrounded by police and intelligence department. The investigation cost will be 4 million pounds (about 550 million yen) annually. It does not include MI 5. They have sophisticated robot cameras in the building, plainclothes police officers are on duty at street. Working in this state is not easy. There are spies inside and outside, there are strangers and there are robot cameras.

In any case, October was exposed to various pressures such as John Kelly (US Secretary of State), the American authorities and the Ecuadorian domains, and as a result my Internet environment was broken. And security problems have increased.

It was a mistake that Kelly put pressure on me with the political superiority of secretary of state. WikiLeaks is not communicating information from the embassy. It is not functioning from the embassy.

I refuse to comply with international law and abandon my rights as a political refugee, so I can not leave England as a political refugee detained in the embassy. WikiLeaks originates from a wide range of countries including France, Germany and the Netherlands. However, Ecuador is excluded.

Ecuador is being pressured by hiding me. This is shameful. The Ecuador government denies the existence of pressure, which is different from what our sources say.

There is an assertion that WikiLeaks has a close relationship with Russia, and if you look at the timeline of WikiLeaks' activity, there is a part that can not be helped thought that these claims are right.

I have seen opinions like this garbage over and over so far. Let's look back over what happened again.

WikiLeaks has released 10 million documents in 10 years. The probability that the leak document of WikiLeaks was genuine is 100% so far. Everyone in the media industry knows that the accuracy of our information is 100%.

WikiLeaks has released 800,000 documents on Russia and Vladimir Putin. Almost all of this is critical. More than 2 million exposures are coming from the Syrian problem. There is also information from China, and browsing of WikiLeaks is forbidden in China. In any case, whatever the country's accusation is, Wikileaks' accusation is to destroy the authority of the state and it is difficult to emit in that country.

Another non-truth claim is that I am working at Russian Television (RT). But, this is a complete mistake. In 2012, we tried to establish a video production company, and I covered Dartmouth Film and Journey Man Pictures. The documentary film "The World Tomorrow", which was my first TV production. RT is one of the subjects of the interview. RT intentionally admits this, and some people are twisting the fact that "Assangi is working at RT".

(Hillary · Clinton 's) Why did I leak out leaks about mail? Especially when having leaked continuously to the subdivision at the end of the election campaign, did you exercise the political influence to the fullest (with Hillary not being elected)?

It is a very interesting question. All the critics say "If you leak at once, you should have become the biggest" bomb "."

WikiLeaks has taken various exposure strategies in the past ten years. What I found in that is that we must match demand and supply of information with supply. There is a limit to the amount of sentences human beings can read daily. Human time is limited. There is a limit in reading speed. Of course, even if WikiLeaks readers consider it to be our greatest understander, excess information will not be read if information beyond demand is supplied. We want to make all the information to the utmost impact. There is no need to take the risk that leaked information will not be read.

We are proud of the information disclosure strategy in the presidential election. With the limitation of limited time and limited resources, I gave the reader maximum engagement and deepened my understanding.

As mentioned above, there are many people who think that Hilary's mail record leaked by WikiLeaks contributed significantly to the presidential election of Donald Trump, and assassin may be assassinated by a person who grudged against it There was concern that. As a result, Mr. Assangi appeared in the live broadcasting, so that Assangi death theory was canceled.

Despite the fact that the live image was swept, however, reddit gave an opinion that "Please give proof that it is a genuine appointment". Among them,G 2 nThe following questionnaire issued by Mr. has resulted in earning the most reddit score in this AMA.

There has been concern about your health since the lack of communication since October 17, 2016. So please reply to the following items?
1: Declaration that it is alive, healthy, no serious damage
2: Current date and time
3: Something unique happened yesterday (January 9, 2017)
4: List without meaning

In addition, there are many other voices confirming Mr. Assanji's survival, so Mr. Assangi is acting to prove his / her own health by reading the last hash function of the bit coin transaction during live broadcast I will.

Nonetheless, on January 13, 2017 after the end of AMA by Assanji, the official Twitter WikiLeaks said, "Some of the WikiLeaks staff, including editors, suddenly suffer from medical and psychological unhealthy or drug symptoms There is no meaningful tweet that "there is no one who can lead to death", and it seems that it is suggested that Mr. Assanji's surroundings are still not calm.

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