Why is Wikileaks trying to turn the nation into the enemy all over the world?

With the aim of clarifying important news and information, Mr. Julien Assanzi "A new model of journalism"Established in 2007 as"Wikileaks (WikiLeaks)"It is not an exaggeration to say that its power strangely made people around the world reconfirm the power of the Internet, trying to transform the rules of the world by changing the secrets of the state power and giant enterprises mainly is.

For us Japanese, justOriginal image of China fishing boat collision problem off Senkaku Islands released on YouTubeWikileaks told the entire world that "the Internet has the power to shake even the state power" at a level that is even higher than recognizing that the power of the Internet sometimes exceeds the old media such as existing newspapers and television I proved it.

So why is Wikileaks trying to turn the state power all over the world to the enemy in the first place? That is the point. Details are as below.
◆ Who is Julian Assanji?

In order to understand about Wikileaks, it is the shortest way to know about Mr. Julien Assanji himself who is the founder of it. That's because his personal experience is reflected in Wikileaks. Let's see because the movie when Julian Assanji appeared on "TED Talks" is the best material to know about that.

· July 2010
Why do you need WikiLeaks in the world

First of all, Wikileaks comes out as a "Kroll report" by the government of Kenya.

Julianthis is"Crawl Report"is. It is a top secret report made by the Kenyan government after the 2004 election. Until 2004, Kenya was dominated by Daniel Arape Moy for 18 years. He was a dictator of Kenya. Kibaki arrived at the place of power, being presumed to those wishing to clean up corruption there. And it took 2 million pounds to make this "crawl report" and related report. Then the government was the richest man in Kenya ... even now ... I used it as a weapon against Moy. It is an item of craving in journalism in Kenya. I went to Kenya in 2007 and somehow got it this shortly before the election. It is time for national elections on 28th December. We published this report three days after Kibaki decided to join hands with Daniel Arape Moy, who should be expelled. That's why this report looks like a knob on the eyes that kills President Kibaki.

ChrisBriefly, the information on this report came into Kenya from the outside rather than being released by institutions in Kenya? So do you think that election results changed?

JulianYes, it was on one side of the Guardian newspaper, and then in Kania, as it also appeared in newspapers in countries such as Tanzania and South Africa. On the 2nd and 3rd, I thought it was safe to report the Kenyan media, and I streamed it on TV for 20 consecutive days. According to a survey of intelligence agencies in Kenya, there seems to be a 10% difference in voting. The result of the election has changed accordingly.

ChrisIt really changed the world as you released it.



In addition, although the case of this time is not introduced in TV and newspaper, one case in Iceland is pretty intense.

ChrisFinally I would like to ask you shortly, what happened in Iceland? You published something there and conflicted with the bank. And the coverage of the story received an injunction. Instead, you were reported about and gathered attention. After that?

JulianThis is an important case. The financial crisis in Iceland was more serious than any other country. The GDP of the financial industry was ten times higher than all others. We published the report in July of last year, but the state television received an injunction injunction 5 minutes before the broadcast. Like a movie scene, an injunction arrives at the news desk, and the caster is "this is the first time for me, what should I do?" That's why I showed the site of WikiLeaks instead. So I became famous in Iceland and talked about this issue. As a result, along with Icelandic politicians and international law experts, as a result, a series of bills to ensure that Iceland becomes the sanctuary of the world's highest freedom of press reporting worldwide I made it. I also asked for a Nobel Prize for freedom of speech. As Iceland is a Nordic country, like Norway, it is easy to enter the system. Just one month ago, it was passed unanimously at the Icelandic Parliament.

ChrisIt is amazing.


In particular, the status of Wikileaks was made secure, the recording movie that the US military killed 18 people to 26 people in Baghdad and aimed at ordinary people including two reporters of Reuters communication from Apache.

Collateral Murder

This is a confidential telegraph of the US Embassy where Bradley Manning, who internally charged this recording movie with Wikileaks, handed it to Wikileaks in addition to the movie is now making a fuss. In a situation before this fuss about this matter, Julian Assanji said this.

ChrisAn American intelligence analyst was arrested. Bradley Manning is a senior soldier. It is said that he admitted on this chat that he gave this video and another 280,000 US embassy confidential telegrams to WikiLeaks, is it true?

JulianI denied the story of telegraph. About five days ago, he was accused of getting 150 thousand telegraphs and leaking 50 of them. We released a telegram from the US Embassy in Reykjavik earlier this year, but that is irrelevant. Because I went to the embassy.

ChrisThen, if you had thousands of diplomatic telegrams ...

JulianIt is open to the public.

ChrisIs it going to be released?



JulianSuch things make it clear, for example, what happens to human rights violations in the governments of Arab countries. If you see the telegraph that was declassified, you can see that there are such materials.

ChrisLet's look a little wider. Based on what kind of belief, do you think that it is right to encourage leakage of confidential information?

JulianThere is a question as to what kind of information is important to the world and will achieve reform. There are various kinds of information, but the fact that the organization is trying to conceal information until it spends money is a good landmark that society's benefit will be gained if that information is released to the world. Because companies that are familiar with information are desperately trying to conceal it. That is what we learned during our activities. Journalism is historically such thing.

The belief that only free and unrestricted journalism can effectively expose scams in the government

The purpose of Wikileaks itself is not a secret exposure, but "The fact that the organization is trying to conceal information until money is put on society has its social interest if the information is released to the worldIt is based on the belief that. Therefore, when we try from the general public, the confidential information leaked by Wikileaks is information about the level of "?", If you do it, it seems to be only information at the level that is likely to appear even in weekly magazines However, looking at the existing state from the powerful person who uses political power privately by placing agra, the Masui information is extremely tranquil. Because it is because the power person himself understands that it is not unknown information about the source of fake but an undeniable "fact".

If it is a past casePentagon · PapersThat was just such an internal accusation.

Do you accept "internal accusation site" WikiLeaks in Japan? Pentagon paper incident and Mitsui incident | Hiro Makino "Journalism is dead" | Modern business [Kodansha]

Following the opening of the Afghan War Diary by WikiLeaks, prominent journalist Benjamin Bradley reviewed the Pentagon paper case and commented on the WP paper dated 27th July as follows.

"Not a shocking new fact was hidden in the Pentagon paper itself, despite the fact that the fuss about the United States became fussy because President Nixon was rushing to stop posting articles. Everyone "I think that it is a serious secret that the government moves to invalidate the article"

About the Pentagon Papers The American Supreme Court ruled that "only free and unrestricted journalism can effectively expose fraud within the government."

It is a funny story to think about this in the first place, since the citizen is the leading role in the first place, since the state is managed by the tax of the people, it is open to the public with transparency and publicized, We are using taxes for this kind of things. "

However, various facts and information that has been kept concealed even for the people who have paid taxes all the time for reasons such as "for national interest" or "for interested relations between countries" There is.

In the first place, it is a secret that the state should have, and yet there are things to hide for the citizens, how long do you hide it? Perhaps it is likely that the secret of the state should be hidden really, but unfortunately it is not clear yet whether it really should be hidden. Therefore, how much influence will be generated around the world as a site like Wikileaks exposes such information? Only by that it is the state of fumble, but "What is secret, what is not secret, what the powerful person is doing to hide his injusticeIt starts to understand.

Especially the information that this Wikileaks is keeping leaking is also very much Mosui information for the top of the powerful people of a certain state and the big company, and it is in national interest that it is national interest Although it is trying to make a mistake, in short, it is only scary that all the things that came suitably to the fact that the people do not know the facts can be totally taken.

◆ What is Wikileaks fighting

Wikileaks has published information on the Internet so far, was there anything really disadvantageous to the public? Is not it inconvenient for you to disclose that information, is not it a powerful person who plays agra over power and personalizes the state? From that point of view, the answer of 'Why is Wikileaks trying to turn the nation around the world into an enemy?' Will be unambiguously self-evident.

More than anything, the methodology itself of Wikileaks itself has also undergone transformation as compared with the early days, and you can see that when you see the following movies. It is not yet perfect.

YouTube - WikiLeaks Release 1.0 with Japanese subtitles (3/7)

This is a presentation movie by Julian Assangi and others at the conference called "26C3" held in Berlin in December 2009. Particularly important part is the part which is being written at the following site It is in

Wikileaks' proposed new form of journalism - story about P2P or that part @ Hatena

Julian · Assanju: Sometimes it's hard to get information that seems complicated. An example I frequently use is a manual of irregular warfare issued by US special forces in September 2008, and it has hundreds of pages. This is written for brain groups. For special troops going abroad, trying to overturn the government of the country, or when civil troops are controlled from behind to control the civil war. In other words, it is the manual on how to cause an internal disturbance and how to suppress it. It is difficult to understand because Chomsky multiplied by -1. All means of indicating the national strength of the United States are written. It is national strength in terms of economic, military, informational, outgoing. How do you mobilize them all and press the US policy? It is also written that the IMF is an economic weapon that shows the national strength of the United States. Yes, I use the term economic weapons. USAID is also an economic weapon.

But this document is not taken up in the press at all. This document says that the US policy permits special forces to wear enemy combat clothes during the civil war prohibited by the Geneva Convention. It is a violation of international law.

Even so, no one complains, why? It is a simple efficiency problem. There is no time for anyone to read such as documents exceeding 200 pages. Some acronyms that represent military terms are used, so it takes time to look up in a dictionary, the burden of understanding the content is too great. The intelligence department of the invaded country may use this document, but it does not appear in general political theory.

So we thought. How can journalists become interested and make time to read?

I have experimented. It is when I got nearly 7 thousand e-mails written by former President Tuvez's staff. It is enormous amount of information. I knew from the front that no one would write articles when publishing a lot of information. Experienced reporters have no time to read. To measure the degree of concern there, I exercised an exclusive right to the auction. But it was impossible. The procedure is too difficult. There was a person who wanted to see a part before deciding the bid price, and it was too difficult to show it to anyone else in the meantime.

I think there is a way to decide monopoly right more naturally. In other words, if journalists, news organizations or bloggers are primarily involved in providing information, they will give them exclusive rights for a certain period of time. That gives them time. Before the information is released, it is very valuable because it is in a monopolistic state, but if it is released, the supply is inexhaustible, so the value of the public information is zero. Because everyone can use it, the journalist is not profitable, as a result no one is profitable. It is strange though.

So the system we are about to make is syndication of information provision. Human rights advocacy group websites and media organizations request information provision using WikiLeaks, afterwards we will take legal risks to clear the protective jurisdiction, erase the metadata, or publish I will. The information provided by this will be a factor of 1000. At the same time, the quality of secondary coverage is dramatically improved. If the information published does not have a political influence it will fail. The search engine also has some political influence. 40% of our hits come from search engines. However, since it does not participate in general politics theory, we can not change opinions on what others think.

Daniel Schmidt: To put it in more detail, the information provider specifies the period for investigation for a specific journalist or newspaper. WikiLeaks will announce it as soon as the specified period expires, which is an important point. All information is publicly announced without omission. We are just trying to maximize that effect. Just like someone got information and actually making it an article. If a nominated journalist did not write about it, that itself would be news. Why not write it. And it is doubtful whether they are reporting accurate in the first place. I think that the news becomes a more interesting mechanism in the future.

The role of media after the appearance of the Internet is exactly "Information distribution businessIt is in a point to say also. Wikileaks is merely an "information wholesaler" that gathers information from information providers, and finally it is in various media such as traditional media to inform ordinary people of this leak information eventually.

To put it simply, in this wikileaks disturbance youWikileaks siteYaMore than 500 mirror sitesDid you go and etc. and have read the primary information with your own eyes and read it? about it. Probably most people do not do that and you should get information via various media.

"Why is Wikileaks trying to turn the nation of the world into an enemy?", The answer is "to reinforce democracy through information disclosure" or "to secure journalism", or something that seems to be answers Although it is hidden at least within it, it is not stated, but as an important point "Battle with indifferenceI feel like there is something.

In other words, money in their lives is collected as "taxes" of all forms, and as a result, despite the fact that the "nation" is managed, they will not know the use of the money and the truth , Fighting people's indifference. Even though Wikileaks itself is comparatively sensational, as a reason for continuing to disclose it, rather than choosing it, he places a role as a source of primary information, and the role of the media spreads widely as a scrutiny of information and distribution of information It is thought that you are expecting "not indifferent" for people who expect information and eventually receive information.

◆ The collision between the government and Wikileaks is one of the "conflicts of vested interests and the Internet"

This month, "Asahi Shimbun published from publication"Law of the futureAmong them, I gave a page on the point of departure from this indifference and the relationship between the state and law and the Internet, but it is no doubt that this kind of "Wikileaks" is in the form of "vested interests and clash with the Internet It was unexpected that it would be to see '. I did not even think that it would be a big clash with the "state power" which is a powerful source of power that can be said to be the top of vested interests. However, from some time ago, everyone sometimes feels that there was a feeling that "someday this will happen". It is such a feeling that happens now that happens.

In addition, as an impressive one commonly seen earlier in Wikileaks coverage of existing media, "Can we trust Wikileaks which is an accusation site on the Internet?" "How can we trust information?" "Person exposed in real name Wikileaks gave information to be released in advance to famous news organizations around the world before publication, and it is necessary to review the contents for as long as possible and support as much as possible I am going to publish this time after I go and it is quite outrageous. Wikileaks'AboutThis is touched on the page, and it is important that it is important for journalists to analyze and post articles, so that the readers themselves can touch the primary information in Wikileaks.

The flow of information scrutiny is summarized as a figure in the Washington Post in an easy-to-understand manner.

A breakdown of the 251, 287 diplomatic cables and their potential fallout | The Washington Post

About 250,000 public electricity Wikileaks handed over the information to British Guardian · Le Monde of France · El Pais of Spain · Der Spiegel of Germany (It is said that the American New York Times was from Wikileaks last time I got the information, but this time I have been removed, I have the information from the Guardian in the UK).

In addition, British Guardian, which is actively collecting information and adding value-added information every day,Summary of the information provision and disclosure from Wikileaks this timeThose that violate the domestic laws of the UK are kept private and further stipulate that those who are likely to be damaged by individuals are hiding in advance.

The information published by Wikileaks itself is not exclusively biased towards the United States but it goes to governments and companies around the world in order, as you can see from the British Guardian coverage below.

(China is ready to abandon North Korea)
Wikileaks cables reveal China 'ready to abandon North Korea' | World news | The Guardian

(Warning that American and British diplomats are trying to bring nuclear powers between Pakistan and India)
WikiLeaks cables expose Pakistan nuclear fears | World news | The Guardian

(The Russian government relies on criminals for protection and the top government officials are collecting bribes such as human taxation system)
WikiLeaks cables condemn Russia as 'mafia state' | World news | The Guardian

(About Spy Flight from Cyprus to Lebanon in the UK)
UK overruled on Lebanon spy flights from Cyprus, WikiLeaks cables reveal | World news | guardian.co.uk

(Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and Russian Putin had a secret talks and earned profits)
WikiLeaks cables: Berlusconi 'profited from secret deals' with Putin | World news | The Guardian

(Yemen was opening the door to the US military for sweeping out al Qaeda)
WikiLeaks cables: Yemen offered US 'open door' to attack al-Qaida on its soil | World news | The Guardian

(ATM state of terrorists in Saudi Arabia)
WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists | World news | The Guardian

(Al Jazeera changed the press to suit Qatar's foreign policy)
WikiLeaks cables claim al-Jazeera changed coverage to suit Qatari foreign policy | World news | The Guardian

(Burma's regime leader Tan Shwe was thinking about buying Manchester United famous for football for a billion dollars despite the typhoon's landlocked land)
WikiLeaks cables: Burma general considered Manchester United buyout | World news | The Guardian

(Prince of Saudi Arabia has a party to boast about alcohol, drugs, sex)
WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex | World news | The Guardian

(America lobbied for Russia for credit card companies Major Visa and MasterCard)
WikiLeaks cables: US 'lobbied Russia on behalf of Visa and MasterCard' | World news | The Guardian

(Shell petroleum is grasping all important decisions of ministers within the Nigerian government)
WikiLeaks cables: Shell's grip on Nigerian state revealed | Business | The Guardian

(As corruption became popular Kenya returned to the middle of violence)
WikiLeaks cables: Rampant corruption 'could push Kenya back into violence' | World news | The Guardian

(Pfizer hired an investigator to look for evidence of corruption of the Attorney General of Nigeria in order to avoid clinical trial payments)
WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout | Business | The Guardian

(Burma is building a secret nuclear facility and North Korea is also involved in underground facilities)
WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites | World news | guardian.co.uk

It is unknown why I do not report in detail in Japan just by looking at a part like this, but what is more miserable than that is that it is a news organization that Wikileaks decided to give information in advance to review In fact, there is no single mass media such as Japanese newspapers and television stations. Despite the fact that the Japanese newspaper company occupies most of the top 10 in terms of circulation of newspapers around the world.

Or, just because we do not know, leak information on the Japanese government has already been handed in advance to some Japanese press, and it is about the time of the Japanese government (mainly the LDP rule) maybe. As Wikileaks is trying to turn the states around the world to enemies, Japan should not be an exception. If more serious information about Japan was not released to the very end, there are three possibilities.

A: Since there is no "top secret" in the information released this time, the information on the Japanese government is actually treated as top secret
B: There is actually no secret in the international sense to the Japanese government
C: In the first place Japan has not been opposed as a diplomat at all, so there is no need for public electricity for Japan

In any case, the fact that Wikileaks is trying to turn the nations around the world to the enemy has no movement, and now it is like a fire on the opposite shore, but considering the purpose and belief of Wikileaks itself, it is almost different It seems that sparks will come down in shape.

Anyone can freely search the contents of public electricity released by Wikileaks from below.

US embassy cables: browse the database | World news | guardian.co.uk

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