WikiLeaks founder suddenly appeared as "Julian Assans but there is a question?" Answered various questions

We released information including a lot of national secrets widely to the world on the Internet and expose secrets such as unfamiliar national fighting and acts comparable to crime to the white sunWikiLeaks(WikiLeaks) is the founder ofJulian AssangiBut,redditAt the Meeting Corner "AMA (Ask Me Anything: Do you have any questions?") Suddenly began accepting questions and collecting over 8000 comments, which can be asked directly by celebrities.

I am Julian Assange, publisher of Wikileaks. Ask me anything.: IAmA

◆ 01:How can an ordinary person make an impact on the world? We all feel that myself is helpless and as a small existent who is at a loss.We are seeking change. What kind of step should I take?

A 01:
We feel that we are tiny by witnessing the fact that the world is huge, cruel and ignorant. Well "(considered on a global scale, familiar to activities in the area) think globally, act locally," but you are told is to say the words, it would be overwhelmed by the scale by which would capture the things on a global scale, problem-solving It will stop grasping the clue of it. However, the development of the Internet made it possible for us to "work on a global scale" that we had previously been impossible. WikiLeaks realizes such a tense relationship in a good way. It makes it possible for people to think and act by publishing various kinds of information around the world.

What can a very ordinary person do? Please support WikiLeaks and make the progress of the project feasible. WikiLeaks is a means for realizing the tension condition for me. The worldwide connection by the net is a place where the collision of the global "diversity" and "standardization" is now occurring right now. And everyone can get their execution troops.

In response to Mr. Assangi's response, there is a note in the thread that "In Brazil where I live, there is an incident such as a lawyer group being protesting against the government being illegally arrested" As an example of WikiLeaks' enabled activitiesDiscussions on the principles and future directions of Internet governanceof"NETmundial"Against the collection of personal information by NSA"Stop Watching Us"Which is an on-line system for making an accusation anonymously"SecureDropThere are names like such as.

◆ 02:There are two questions. As far as I know, you think that you are in an embassy quarantine and can not go out and is in a state of arrest,How do you keep your sanity and not bored?after,Why did you decide to launch a site that leaks confidential information like WikiLeaks?I think that it is understandable that there is information that must be kept secret in relation to national security and that exposing it may damage public safety and relations between states?

A 02:
In my current situation, it is actually the case that it can not be the situation of "boredom". I have had the situation that has been isolated for political reasons now in cities with Europe, the building is surrounded by the police, but investigation into myself and the surrounding staff is the situation that has been done, a lot of people every day I like to visit me like. Also, WikiLeaks is continuing to operate. I can hardly keep sleeping time, so it is not now to be "boring".

The contents of confidential documents we released are about war crimes, trade behind crime, abuse of power. As a result, our actions are justified and our driving force. "Secretiveism" is not intended to enable criminal acts of the highest authority of the state. As you say, there are times when secretiveism is necessary, but in a healthy state it is "exceptional" to the last, it is not an act determined as a rule. The clause of "for the safety of the state" is often used by power authorities, but its legitimacy is rarely recognized. According to such governmentpropagandaIf accepted, journalism against state power will not form a body. Our activities never fear "national security". If secretiveism is to cover up the crime by power, the significance of the existence of the journalist is there.

In response to this answer, comments such as "I've never seen such a simple and moderate way of talking about the problem of this hand" has been received.

◆ 03: Which information do you think was the most seriously leaked so far?

A 03:
It can be said that it is PlusD (Public Library of US Diplomacy) which publishes diplomatic telegrams centered on the United States. This publishes more than 2,000,000 diplomatic telegrams of the US State Department including diplomatic secrets,Search text on the siteIt is also possible to do.

Personally, the US military launched a recorded movie that killed 26 people from 18 people, aiming at general people including 2 reporters in Reuters in Baghdad from ApacheCollateral MurderAnd publish the diary materials of the Iraq-Afghan WarWikiLeaks War DiariesIt can be said.

The original movies which were actually released and shocked the whole world are as follows and the number of views has exceeded 14.69 million.

Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq - YouTube

◆ 04: Do you have any information you regret so far?


◆ 05: What do you think about Edward Snowden?

Mr. Snowden showed intellectual and courageous behavior. Many people including me have been seeking this behavior for many years. I support Mr. Snowden's lawyer, identity protection, securing of communication means, etc. It was also our support to move from Hong Kong to Moscow, where I stayed for the first time, staying in Moscow for 40 days, etc. It is a staff of. A few weeks ago, we jointly established a new international organizationCourage FoundationIn Berlin, and that organizationPentagon · PapersMr. Daniel Ellsberg, accuser fromMy Red · Corrigan · MaguireA wonderful collaborator such as Mr. has been named. Please support Mr. Snowden's protection.

◆ 06: What if I had the opportunity to create a mechanism like WikiLeaks again? Also, what kind of things do you do?

of course. Our life is only once, the essence of the day itself of living itself is "freedom", and history has proved that. The cause of the various difficulties that we face everyday is "limited sources of information", not because we do not think. However, I would have to say that I was ignorant about the relationship between Mr. Snowden's asylum application, Sweden and the United States, and Britain.

Mr. Assangi's Ask Me Anything that suddenly started and gathered more than 8000 comments, but it ended before too many responses were made to "attend the press conference with Ecuadorian Foreign Minister" It seems to be. Many other questions raised can be checked from the links below.

I am Julian Assange, publisher of Wikileaks. Ask me anything.: IAmA

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