"I am a Snowden who won the Academy Award but do you have any questions?" The principal comes down and answers questions from the reader

It was announced in February 2015The 87th Academy AwardsThe documentary work depicting Edward Snowden who exposed the spy work by NSA "CitizenFour"Was awarded the long documentary award. Having received this award, reddit's specialty section "ASkMEAA person related to Mr. Snowden himself appeared in nything (AMA: questionable?) And answered various questions from common people.

We are Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald from the Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR. AUAA.: IAmA

◆ What is the movie "CitizenFour"?
The work "CitizenFour" that won the 87th Academy Award "Long Documentary Award" is a documentary work depicting how Edward Snowden revealed spy work by NSA. The trailer movie contains the appearance of interviews with the person.


The main Q & A that Mr. Snowden et al. Who was captured by the United Nations for a while after the exposure and was currently staying in Moscow, Russia from Hong Kong who was staying here are as follows.

◆ 01:Russian journalist Andrey Soldatov says that you are living a restricted life in Moscow,is that true? How do I contact Russian security assurance agencies and government officials?

Mr. Snowden:
That's a good question. Of course there is no such fact. Many of the articles written about me are those whose claim is being replaced by speculation or doubt. Nobody has shown evidence to support it and I do not doubt that I believe that I'm a Russian spy without permission.

I once taught about the "cyber counterintelligence" to the National Defense Intelligence Agency. But what does it mean when it comes to total consideration? If I were a Russian spy, why did I hide himself in Hong Kong and expose himself to risk? And further, why do we need to disclose all the information to journalists? (The photo shows the Mr. hotel where Mr. Snowden was staying in Hong Kong)

Why is it being held at the airport in Moscow for one month? If it is a spy, you can get a parade or a medal that raises the city instead. The real reason I was detained was that I did not cooperate with the government and nobody knew what to do about me. I refuse to do any cooperation with the government, and that has not changed.

What I am doing now is probably because I became famous. If two or three of my fingers were broken, it would be quick to see what the government did.

◆ 02:How is life in Moscow?

Mr. Snowden:
Everyone has forgotten, Moscow is the largest city in Europe. Apart from Tokyo, this is the biggest city I have lived in. I would like to return home, but it is similar to other cities.

In response to this reply, the questioner asked, "Is it difficult in winter? I want to go out, but in the morningIt is trapped in snowAre not you snowed? "Although a question that touched the name was returned, Mr. Snowden replied" Sararito, "Canada, Sweden and North Dakota are also harsh in winter, even Boston." After that, as I appreciated after understanding the real intention of the question, "I made a mess of my joke", I got a comment saying "Snowden is cooler than I thought."

◆ 03:Why do you believe that there are people who want to reveal important secrets yet knowing that they are exposed to the dangers of life?

Mr. Snowden:
Law to Protect Person Who Injured (In JapanProtection law for informants) And the establishment of a mechanism to protect information and journalists' interactions technically and legally. However, there is a sad reality that societies who think that "whistleblowers should suffer" often realize that neither of them exists.

◆ 04:If the same opportunity happens once again, will you take the wrong way next? If so, what is it like?

Mr. Snowden:
I will take action earlier. As soon as action is taken, it is unlikely that activities (which the government had been taking) are fixed, so that they will not get accustomed to taking such actions, and will accept the exercise of such power as a matter of course I think that it did not become a problem. This is happening not only in the central government, but also in every fine division of the government. Once you give this kind of power, it is very difficult to restore it from there, so this is very important.

Mr. Snowden quoted here, in the past, a secret report on the Vietnam WarPentagon · PapersThe word by Mr. Daniel Elsberg who revealed. "Do not take the same action as I. Do not wait for a new war to begin, wait for thousands of people to be killed. Before that We have to tell the truth based on a document that exposes lie, crime, secret budget and damage amount undisclosed to outside to white day, "said Mr. Elsberg's words. .

Mr. Snowden told the reader to further say, "Do not let this situation happen in your country."

Mr. Snowden exchanged in a limited time and a journalist who engaged in a series of exposure processesGlenn GreenwaldMr., Film DirectorLaura · PoitrasThe full text of AMA by Mr. and others can be viewed on the following site.

We are Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald from the Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR. AUAA.: IAmA

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