Somewhere in the net has been concealed the secret material of US intelligence agencies, including unpublished materials


Exposing government's public monitoring system "PRISM" problemFormer CIA official Mr. Edward Snowden. I am hoping for exile to South America, but even though the US government is requesting handover to Moscow due to the expiration of passport etc., the US government will demand Russia to handle the matter, President Putin will refuse this, I can not see it.

Meanwhile, it is clear that everything including the things that Mr. Snowden has not yet announced has been encrypted, copied in large quantities and seems to hide all over the world.

Greenwald: Snowden's Files Are Out There "Anything Happens" To Him - The Daily Beast

This is what journalist Glenn Greenwald first contacted with Mr. Snowden said. Since it is a precautionary measure against emergency situation, it is impossible to see the contents because the password is applied to the copy, but the contents are surely revealed by Ms. Snowden if something is done.

According to the person who was in the position of spying prevention activity in the United States once, Mr. Snowden has planned this exposure for many years and it seems that the copy is presumably hidden everywhere on the Internet Thing. "The hand that I can hit against this is almost zero," said person mentioned above. Mr. Snowden said in a live chat with The Guardian on June 17, "What I can say now is to stop exposing even if the US government caught me and put it in prison or kill me I can not, the truth will be revealed, "he says as if he supports this.

At the House Committee Special Information Committee, NSA (National Security Agency) Director Keith Alexander said that by making Mr. Snowden a digital key, access to the lower level contractors and system administrators within the NSA was originally permitted Explanation that it was made to be able to access to the area not being done.

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As revealed by Mr. Snowden, there are PRISM materials and "minimization procedures" where the US government "monitors" citizens. This is what the Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged that collecting information is an aggressive cerebral cropping without a warrant or presidential command. In addition, I understand that Mr. Snowden possesses high level of confidential information, as the court order of "Diplomatic Intelligence Activity Monitoring Act (FISA)" is revealed at The Guardian and The Washington Post.

The problem is that I do not know how far I have materials. Even if the government secures Snowden and keeps undisclosed confidential information on hand, the file itself has diffused, so there is a danger that unexpected content may be revealed It seems to be a major obstacle for the authorities.

Already, Mr. Greenwald handed thousands of documents from Mr. Snowden, "I do not know if Mr. Snowden has more documents than he sent, but he I believe that you will accomplish. " FBI suspects that internal FISA-related persons are leaking information to the FISA document leak mentioned above, and Mr. Greenwalde himself / herself also commented on whether it owns this material I avoided it.


"He is not trying to hurt the US government, it is trying to hit the light," Greenwald said. For example, it seems that it is a policy not to announce how NSA built up "monitoring" network, technical specifications and blueprints of the system. This is because it will be possible to create a network to monitor citizens in the same way in other countries by publishing the data.

According to Greenwald, Mr. Snowden would not be like Mr. Phillip Eisy, who became famous for the information disclosure by former CIA Spy. After exile to Cuba, Mr. Age reveals information inside the CIA. "Mr. Snowden thinks that we do not want to disclose documents that would hurt someone or reveal secrets.Siming CIA documents publicly could hurt individuals, but NSA's Making the document public only has the danger of hurting the system, "said Greenwald's approach, unlike WikiLeaks, which is open to everything, rather close to traditional newspaper reporting. About this point, he commented, "I support WikiLeaks, but I am doing somewhat different things."

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By the way Greenwald himself is also considered to be subject to monitoring by the United States, and after contact with Mr. Snowden he takes countermeasures such as using encrypted mail. When I was in Hong Kong, I talked to Skype on a Skype account with a partner living in Rio and talked about sending an encrypted copy, but eventually I did not send the file, but after 2 days only the notebook PC from my house I also encountered the situation of being stolen. "I do not say that this case is connected to the matter of information disclosure, but obviously that possibility," Mr. Greenwald said. Is it being monitored PC? In response to the question "If the US government does not want to monitor my PC, that person is surprised" I returned.

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