When pressure is applied so that Wikipedia deletes the contents of the article, the result that attracts attention in reverse


It was revealed that volunteers' hands-on online encyclopedia Wikipedia pressured the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia to delete contents from the French Domestic Information Center (DCRI). The reason for putting pressure on was "The secret on defense was posted", but at the Wikimedia Foundation the content of the article refused to be deleted as it was collection of public information. The story surrounding the article resulted in irony that raised the attention.

French homeland intelligence threatens a volunteer sysop to delete a Wikipedia article | Autour de Wikipediaia et des projets Wikimedia

La DCRI intimide un administrateur de Wikipediaa cause d'un article

DCRI tried to delete it in Wikipedia French version "Station hertzienne militaire de Pierre-sur-Haute(Pierre · Sur · Auto military radio stationAn article written about the telecommunications facilities in the middle of France, called "Hello.

DCRI's assertion is that secrets on national defense are posted in the article, confidential leakage is severely impaired seven years and a fine of 100 thousand euros (about 12.7 million yen), even if negligence it is 3 years imprisonment and a fine of 45 thousand euros (about 572 Ten thousand yen), so delete it.

However, the Wikimedia Foundation was written based on material that can be referred to publicly, such as the content of the article, the content of the instructor's answer to the interview, and there are guide tours with facilities in the first place He refused to delete as not knowing what is the secret on national defense.

Therefore, DCRI changed the target to an editor with administrator authority, calling to the office of DCRI on 4th April, forced the page deletion, and executed the deletion. By the way, this editor has never been involved in the editing of the article "Pierre - sur - AUTO military radio station", not even the existence of articles until the date of deletion, irrelevant person, the reason chosen Because it was actively active in France, DCRI was able to figure out its identity.

After deleting the article, resurrected by other editors. Despite having never been seen until then, it got to gather enough access to come to the number of browse cases ranking after the resurrection, "Efforts to conceal or remove certain information conversely produce an unintended result of spreading that information over a wide rangeIt is calledStreisand effectIt is said that it became a good example of.

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