"Wikitruth" collecting items deleted from Wikipedia

Speaking of Wikipedia, the online dictionary is on sale and it was a feature that anyone can edit items as desired, but in fact it fell into an editorial battle, it ceased to function properly and it was frozen properly Chillingly, it is also a factual fact that various problems are occurring.

For that reason, it was this Wikitruth that gathered what was deleted from Wikipedia.


The background of the site establishment etc. is written below.
Wikitruth: Introduction - Wikitruth

According to this, Wikipedia says that it is no longer a free encyclopedia which anyone can edit freely. He is twisted for his own convenience. In short, it is being censored. By someone, otherwise, by Wikipedia's own hands.

In other words, Wikipedia is different from the encyclopedia in its essential sense, but because ordinary people believe that what is written there is just because it is posted there, that is why I use it There is no mechanism working constantly by people trying to manipulate information. This Wikitruth is aimed at posting things that have been erased from Wikipedia due to various problems although they are truly correct.

I wonder if the Japanese version can be done soon.

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