OCN starts LTE compatible data communication service of 980 yen / month, SIM can be purchased at Amazon

A major providerOCNNTT Communications, which operates a high-speed data communication service compatible with LTE at the fixed price of 980 yen per month, which is the lowest in the industryOCN Mobile Entry d LTE 980We started offering. The SIM card is sold on Amazon.co.jp and can be used immediately after the purchase procedure is over. LTE can be used up to 30MB per day, but traffic volume is reset every day.

News April 8, 2013: Start of offering "OCN Mobile entry d LTE 980" LTE compatible mobile data communication service with the lowest price in the industry, ¥ 980 per month | NTT Com Corporate Information

The service uses NTT docomo's network, and in the case of LTE compatible area, it can communicate data up to 100 Mbps for downlink and 37.5 Mbps for upload. Total available communication feeUp to 30 MB per dayBeyond that, the speed is limited to 100 Kbps up to 24 o'clock on the day, but it will be reset the next day and high speed data communication becomes possible again.

SIM cards are sold on Amazon.co.jp, and after purchase, you can start using the service as soon as you follow the package opening instructions as outlined in the package. Opening is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are two types of packages, Standard SIM and Micro SIM, and the price is 3150 yen for both. There is no minimum usage period setting, the basic monthly charge is free.

Amazon.co.jp: NTT Communications OCN Mobile Entry d LTE 980 Standard SIM Package T0003336: Home Appliances / Cameras

Amazon.co.jp: NTT Communications OCN Mobile Entry d LTE 980 Micro SIM Package T0003337: Home Appliances / Cameras

In OCN, from now on, it is 2880 yen / month for a total of 366 MB or 3 GB for a total of 2 GB for a total of 2 GB "OCN Mobile Entry d LTE"We are planning to sell on Amazon.co.jp as well.

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