I tried 'Columno & Tsupu Mucho and Ippei-chan' fusion of 'Meisei Ippei-chan's night shop yakisoba Columnochy hot chilli taste / snow moucho refreshing plum taste'

The spicy and sour taste of koikeya's column-and-sludge mocho are fused with "Akebama Ippei chan night shop yakisoba"Akeboshi Ippeichan night shop Yakisoba Columno Shot Hot Chili Flavor / Snow Muucho Refreshment Plum"Will appear from Monday, November 14, 2016. I got ahead ahead, so I tried to eat and see how Koyuka's classic snacks are reproduced as fried noodles.

"Meisei Ippei Chan night shop Yakisoba Columno Hot Chilli taste / snow moocho plum flavor" (November 14 release) | Nissin Food Group

This is Akeba Ippei chan night shop's columno shot hot chilli taste and sour mochyo plum flavor.

First of all, I will eat it from the columnar hot chili taste. The package was sent to Koikeya's headquarters Columno.

At 547 kcal per meal ......

In the raw material name, "spice" and "spice extract" are lined up.

Liquid sauce, mayonnaise and sprinkle were contained in the cup.

Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

Cut the hot water ......

I will add the sauce. It seems that sauce is painful, it looks brown and does not change much from ordinary yakisoba sauce, so it seems not to be so painful.

There is no spicy smell even if you are mixing yakisoba, but I felt a different junk from the usual scent of Ippei.

However, as I sprinkled it, the fried noodles stained red in one stroke.

Since I usually do not eat Colcajo with hee hee, if I try to eat a bite with a sense of peace of mind, it is a spicy crying out without thinking "sprinkle !!!" whether sprinkle was settled. At the beginning it's like sweating the nose, but it's not painfully accompanied by pain like hot spicy dishes, but it's a bitter spicy like a crunchy aftertaste. Because Ippei's sauce taste and sweetness and columnatio powder merged well, it was deliciously delicious but it was deliciously delicious and was educated by several editorial staff, it was mostly popular.

When compared with the head home columno, Ippei is more conspicuous in spicyness. Ippei Chan's Night Shop's Yakisoba Columno's About the hot chili taste, the editorial staff who is not good at hot foods left a comment "It's too hot and I do not know the taste ...", so those who say that the spicyness of the main columnatocho is the limit Let's be careful.

Continue, I will eat sour plum flavor as much as sour. This package is almost the same as the original plum soup mochio as well.

Calorie is 535 kcal per serving.

Raw material names include plum meat powder, plum meat chips, plum vinegar extract, plum tea.

Also in the cup was a liquid sauce, sprinkle and mayonnaise.

Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes ... ....

Three minutes later, when you cut the hot water, put the sauce. This is also a brown and smooth sauce that does not have much sour elements.

Junk scent drifted when it was mixed with coldcolo hot chilli taste, but sour melucio refreshing plum flavor gave a little plum smell when bringing the nose closer to the cup.

Sprinkling it ......

Sesame and paste was confirmed in pink powder.

Completing with Mayo Beam.

Learn from Columno Hot Chilli taste and try to eat it after thoroughly mixing so as not to be biased against sprinkling ... ....

About as much as a shoulder watermark, "Snow! ... .... ???" almost no sharp acidity. There is plum fragrance and mellow sweet and sourness are felt and it is easy to eat, but it seems to be snowy moucho, the sourness that saliva comes out when eating was zero.

When I ate Honbu squirt moucho, the voices say "This is it ~" successively to the firm seasoning of salty and acidity. Ippei chan night shop's yakitori soba mouto As for the plum flavor, the editorial staff who expected the taste of the head family had a voice saying "I want a bit more saltiness" "I want a little more acidity".

In addition, Ippei chan night shop Yakisoba Columno Hot Chili taste / snow mocho plum flavor is all 180 yen tax excluded.

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