'Super Cup Large Demon Spicy Yakisoba RED' tasting review that goes well with the intense spiciness and the umami of fishmeal

Acecook released ' Super Cup Large Demon Spicy Yakisoba RED ' on March 7, 2022, where you can enjoy the intense spiciness of the chili oil-based seasoning and 'spicy sprinkle'. It is said that the thick noodles unique to the Super Cup make it a delicious cup, so I actually tried it and checked the taste.

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I found 'Super Cup Large Oni Yakisoba RED' in the instant food corner of a convenience store ...

I bought it and brought it back.

The name is Instant Cup Men, and the ingredients include spicy ingredients such as spices and chili peppers, and seafood-based ingredients such as dried sardines, dried bonito, and dried bonito powder.

Calories are 717 kcal per color (173 g).

When I opened the lid, it contained a sprinkle, sprinkle, and seasoning.

Sprinkle some fried noodles on the noodles to eat 'Super Cup Large Demon Spicy Yakisoba RED' ...

Add hot water and wait 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, add the seasoning sauce ...

Mix well.

Finally, sprinkle on it and you're done.

First of all, I will eat the part that is not sprinkled. The sauce was quite red, so I thought it was quite spicy, but although the spiciness was felt and the tongue was a little tingling, there was no piercing spiciness of the chili pepper and it was not so irritating. ..

Next, when I entwined it with a sprinkle and tried it, it turned into a strong spiciness that made my tongue hurt. However, although it does have a piercing and pungent spiciness, not only that, but also the aroma and umami of fishmeal can be fully felt. According to the editorial staff who tasted it, 'Some of the spicy foods are spicy and you can hardly understand the taste, but for those who are good at spicy foods, this is a yakisoba that you can enjoy the spicy taste and umami in a well-balanced manner. I think. '

The suggested retail price of 'Super Cup Large Demon Yakisoba RED' is 230 yen excluding tax, and it has been available nationwide since March 7, 2022.

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