"Ippei-chan's night shop's Yakisoba Dai Seng Special Edition" is not enough for mayonnaise

I bought it and tried to eat, "Akihisa Ippeichan's Night Shop's Yakisoba Dai Seng Special Edition" released from Meisei Foods was renewed. What exquisite grilled fried noodle is even a special edition of the heap of magnificence?

Details are as follows.
Akihisa Ippei chan night shop Yakisoba Daisen special edition

A newly added "red canned mayon", etc., contents are 4 bags.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

After running down yu. The color of the noodles is not yellow.

I do not care if you apply sauce.

Ordinary mayned mayonnaise with white ones, red onion with colored.

Add more spices and complete.

With spices, the fragrance rises, and the double mustard mayonnaise stimulates the nose. However, it is only the first time to go to tsun and nose. While the volume of the whole is quite large, the amount of mayonnaise is small, so it will be drowned out quickly. In this way it will be the same as Normal 's Ippei - chan, in ordinary sauce - fried noodles. Since it is precisely labeled "special edition", I wanted to increase the amount of red canned mayo more and appeal it.

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