Spicy rich sweet sauce Mayashi has excellent compatibility 'Ikeda Ippei chan night shop's fried noodle soup thick noodles sweet sauce' I tried ahead of it

From the Akashi Food known for instant fried soba, " Yoshinobu Osamu Ichihei Chan's Night Shop Yakisoba Dai Somari Tanno Amino Suzuno Source " will appear on January 28, 2019 (Monday, 2019). I tried eating ahead of the appearance because the combination of mayonnaise with thick deep and sweet sauce is compatible.

"Akihisa Ippei chan night shop's fried noodle soup noodles sweet sauce" (released on January 28)

"Meisei Ippei-chan's night shop's Yakisoba Dai Somma noodomo sweet sauce" is a package that imagined a night shop.

Looking at the raw material name, it seems that "saccharides" are coming at the top of the source material, making it taste sweet. I am concerned about the compatibility with "mustard mayonnaise" also included in raw materials. There is nothing that changed with this, "Cabbage" "Aosa" "Red ginger" in short.

It is 708 kcal at 169 g per meal.

When opening the lid, inside saw "sauce", "mustard mustardnaise" and "sprinkle" were included.

Pour hot water and wait for 5 minutes ......

When hot water is cut off, throw in a liquid sauce and mix.

Tie the sauce with a chewy canonnaise.

Sprinkle it and it will be completed. The scent of mayonnaise and sauce combines with the odorous odor of Aosha to appetite.

As soon as you eat it, it is excellent with the source and motivated thick noodles that added rice onion and garlic based on Worcestershire sauce and added spices. By adding sweetness to the sauce, ease of eating is up while keeping the spicy feeling. Together with the taste of mayonnaise mayonnaise and the aoisho scent of Aosha, together with the flavor of red ginger, the hand to eat does not stop.

"Akihisa Ippeichan's night shop's Yakisoba Dai Somma noodomo sweet sauce" is scheduled to appear in retail stores throughout the country from January 28, 2019, with a suggested retail price of 205 yen (tax excluded) .

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