'Meisei Ippei-chan night shop's Yakisoba Columno Hot Chili taste / snowy mocho plum flavor' is a wild chili spicy taste & mild Kishu plum acidity

Akashi food famous for instant noodle " Ippei-chan " etc. and famous lake pond in snack confection " Colocho " collaborate and " Ippei Ippei's night shop's fried noodles with coldcolo hot chilli taste " " Tuspu mocho Refreshing plum flavor "has reappeared from July 2, 2018 (Monday). The cup noodles that both snacks and Ippei collaborated also appeared in November 2016 and this time it's a bitter hot chili taste pungent and sour mochyo refreshing taste of plum flavor as "more exciting taste" I tried to eat it because it was said that it was represented by cup-yaki soba.

"Akeboshi Ippei-chan night shop Yakisoba cold shop hot chilli taste / Tuspa mocho refreshing plum flavor" (released on July 2) | Nissin Food Group

Came back! Ippei-chan × Koikekeya collaboration! Yakisoba with special sauce with special sauce that expresses each taste more stimulatingly Shobayashi Meisei Ippeichan Yakusoba no yakitoroba Columno shot Hot chili taste Mu chips moppio as plum flavor plum flavored July 2, 2018 (Monday) New release nationwide

This is "Aki Ippei chan night shop Yakisoba columnar hot chilli taste" and "Aihei Ippei chan night shop fried noodle shoots moxo plum flavor" (180 yen for each tax). If it were lined up in the cup noodle department, it is like a misunderstanding that "Column Cho" and "Supantmucho" are lined up, it is two packages of snacks in each collaboration original. It is a power-up of the cup-yaki soba of "Columno-chou taste" and "Snow moucho taste" that appeared in November 2016.

The size of the cup is like this when it is aligned with the traffic IC card.

"Akashi Ippei-chan night shop's fried noodles with coldcolo hot chilli taste" (180 yen tax) is a yakisoba with soy sauce taste that expresses columnar hot chili flavor with more exciting taste.

Contents amount is 116 g (90 g of meat). Raw materials are listed in the source column such as sugar, salt, sauce, roast onion paste, beef extract and so on.

Heat quantity per meal is 536 kcal.

Peel off the package vinyl and it looks like this.

In the cup there is a liquid sauce attached · special made Mayo · sprinkle.

Both cup noodles contain each "special made mayo", which stand out the exciting taste of "pungent" of each column and "sour taste" of snow suzuki respectively.

Only cabbage only.

How to make is the same as general cup fried noodles. First, I will pour hot water to the line.

Return the lid and leave it for 3 minutes.

Discard the hot water from the hot water inlet on the opposite side of the lid where hot water is put ... ...

After mixing "Liquid sauce", if you apply "special made Mayo" in the amount of your choice, it was orange, unlike ordinary mayonnaise milky white.

Then sprinkle it ... ...

Completion Because it dyes noodles in red, it looks very spicy. The scent of garlic contained in the sauce drifts.

Cup-baked soba with a burning pungent taste when eating. Along with the scent of garlic, a pungent taste of the necessary level of drinks will rise. Although it thought that the orange special made mayo would neutralize pungent taste, it has a pungent taste itself, so it is recommended to introduce all those who want to further increase pungent taste. Punch of roasted garlic with pungent taste is also effective, making columno chioro "more exciting taste" according to singing phrase. Chillin 's noodle is supple and quickly entwined with sauce.

"Meisei Ippei-chan night shop's fried soba dumplings moxyo plum flavor" (180 yen tax) has become a sauce-flavored soba with soy sauce flavored soy sauce that expresses "snow mochyo refreshing plum flavor" with more exciting taste. Kishu made plum is used for plum meat chip and plum meat powder.

Contents amount is 115 g. Raw materials include soy sauce, chicken extract, fish sauce, and extract and Japanese style in the source column. In addition to cabbage, in the field of quickness, plum meat powder · plum vinegar extract and plum trees.

Since the calorific value per meal is 514 kcal, it is almost the same as "Yakuoba Ippei chan night shop with fried noodles and coldcolo hot chillies".

Peel off the package and feel like this.

In the cup, there is a liquid sauce / special made Mayo · sprinkle which is attached separately as well as "Yakisoba Ippei-chan night shop's fried noodles with coldcolo hot chilli taste".

The way of making is the same as "Columno Hot Chili taste", put hot water into the line and leave it for 3 minutes.

Next, throw away hot water.

After mixing "Liquid sauce" on the separate attachment, apply "Special Maya", then "Sprinkle" in the desired amount.

"Meisei Ippei-chan's night shop's fried soba tatto moppio plum taste" has been completed. The plum is fragrant, the plum meat powder is fresh, it's bright, the contrast between the white and black of the laver of "special made Mayo" and "sprinkled" is also effective.

Sashimi soba with soaked soy sauce that is effective when plums are eaten and sour taste of plum is accentuated. It is sweet and sour seasoning, even if you use all "special made mayo" with sour taste, it does not claim too much acid taste. Noodles are almost the same as "Columno Hot Chili taste" and are frequently entwined with sauce. "Meisei Ippei-chan night shop's baked soba tattoo moxo plum flavor" also has sweetness in sour taste and it is hard to say that "snowy mochyo refreshment plum" is "more exciting taste", but sour and It was yakisoba with well-balanced sweetness.

"Akashi Ippei chan night shop Yakisoba columnar hot chilli taste" and "Aisei Ippei chan night shop's fried noodle pickup mocho plum flavor" can be purchased at mass retailers such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

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