I tried "Jalapeno & Chili cheese taste" of the 20th anniversary of "Akebama Ippei-chan Night Shop no Yakisoba"

Ippei of Meisei is developing series such as ramen and yakisoba, and will mark its 20th anniversary this year. In celebration of it, from February 2 (Monday) "Special Meeting of Yakisoba Night Shop 's Yakisoba 20th Anniversary Jalapeno & Chili Cheese Taste" was released. As the red package got a lot of looks I tried it.

"Akeboshi Ippei-chan Night Shop Yakisoba" 20th Anniversary Special Plan Jalapeno & Chili / Cheese Flavor (Regular Size / High Sheng) February 2, 2015 (Monday) New release nationwide
(PDF file)https://www.myojofoods.co.jp/news/pdf/20150106_01.pdf

"Meisei Ippei-chan night shop's 20th anniversary special plan jalapeno & chili cheese taste" is unlike ordinary black based packages, red looks spicy and keen.

In the package is written "20th anniversary special project", illustrations of jalapeno · pepper · cheese are drawn.

As raw materials, you can check fried noodles, sauces, mushrooms, seasonings etc, and also extracts of spices.

The calorie is 530 kcal, so mayonnaise is used abundantly rather high.

When you open the package, how to make it is written.

In the pack there is sauce, sprinkle, mustard and mayonnaise.

First of all, put hot water in fried noodles ... ...

Wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes slowly tilt and cut hot water.

When I cut the hot water and opened the lid, the smell of oil expanded.

First I will add sauce to boiled fried noodles.

The sauce contained red solids.

When mixed it looks like this. Although it contained red solids, it did not turn red as it mixed with noodles.

Next I will try mayonnaise to write lines.

Furthermore, I will sprinkle with cheese.


Even if it sees it near, it does not feel so spicy.

First of all, trying to eat the part that was full of mayonnaise, the taste of mustard is stronger than jalapeno, the taste of mayonnaise and cheese is also strong and finished in a pretty oily flavor, the taste of the sauce weakened. It is rather raspy image food rather than yakisoba, although it is not spicy, it seems to be said to be a rather painful category.

Impression that it does not get hot if you eat mayonnaise and part not sprinkled. Although the taste of jalapeno is felt, it was impression that pungent taste is not strong so far.

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