A university that can get free food and goodies if you lock your smartphone in class

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The use of smartphones and mobile phones during class is something that can not be said to be an act of much praise. Meanwhile, in a university in the United States, if you do not use the smartphone locked during lecture during lecture, there is a benefit that foods are free or discounted at the fast food store according to the length of time locked We have introduced a system that allows you to get various goods.

Put Your Phone Away In Class and Earn Free Food, Rewards - Onward State

'Pocket Points' hits Chico State

This system has been adopted by Pennsylvania State University, USA, etc. A student dedicated to the smartphone in advance "Pocket Points"If you install it, points are added according to the leave time, and if you use accumulated points, it is in the vicinity of the schoolPita PitYaD. P. Dough,RotelliFast food shops and restaurants such asDwellings BoutiqueIt can be used as a discount coupon at a general shop like. For example, if you use 15 points with Pita Pit, you will be able to get 2 cookies for free.

What is used here is a newly developed "Pocket PointsThis application is now released for iOS. Although it is possible to install from the link below, Japan seems to be difficult to use immediately because it is not included in the corresponding area.

Pocket Points ™ on the App Store on iTunes

The usage is as simple as launching the application first, erasing the screen of the smartphone, locking it and leaving it alone. Based on the position information of the smartphone, the application recognizes that the student is in the campus, and if you leave the smartphone within the lecture time, 1 point will be added every 20 minutes It is structured.

I developed an application,California State University ChicoStudents Mitch Gardner and Rob Richardson. Looking at the class during the lecture of the university, half of the students turned down and saw the scene touching the smartphone, he said that he thought of the application development.

According to the two, the system allows the school side to concentrate the students on the lecture, one student can get "reward", and from the store side it is effective to provide effective promotion means for acquiring customers Since it can be obtained, "Win-Win" exceeding "Win-Win-WinIt is a great merit that you can make relationships.

It is an application that seems to be able to hear the scolding voice that you can not concentrate without a reward, but it seems to be an interesting idea if you think that the influence will spread for students and even the surrounding business.

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