The 100-day plan to make the United States a great country like once again "compiled by the next trump president


Despite extreme remarks such as "building a wall along the border with Mexico, paying construction expenses to Mexico" and "prohibiting Muslims from entering the country", it will be gathered back to the next president of the United States ElectedDonald TrumpIt is like this pledge "100 day plan" that promises to run immediate after president assumption to make America a great country again.

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"The 100-day plan is a contract between American voters and myself, starting with honesty and responsibility, starting change in Washington," a 100-day plan will start from Mr. Trump's determination of resolve.

◆ 6 policies to eliminate special collision in Washington, D.C.
1:Submit a draft amendment to the Constitution to impose term restrictions on all legislators of parliament.
2:Freezing the employment of all Federal staff and reducing the number of staff (However, this does not apply to military, public security, public health).
3:We abolish the traditional Federal regulations against new Federal rules.
Four:Ban the lobbying of Congressional officials who have left office for five years.
Five:Employees who lobbied in favor of foreign governments prohibit lobbying permanently.
6:Foreign lobbying activities trying to collect US election costs are prohibited at all.

Seven actions to protect American workers
1:North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)Renegotiate or withdraw according to section 2205.
2:Pacific Rim Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP)Will withdraw.
3:Direct orders to the Treasury Secretary to certify that China is a foreign exchange operating country.
Four:Direct orders to the Ministry of Commerce and the US Foreign Trade Bureau to enact legislation that identifies and eradicates all abusive foreign exchange operations unfair to American workers.
Five:It will release US stockpile of 50 trillion dollars (about 5300 trillion yen) such as shale oil, petroleum, natural gas and clean coal.
6:Withdraw control of infrastructure investment on the Obama - Clinton route, and allow promising infrastructure development projects such as Keystone Pipeline.
7:Climate Change Framework ConventionCancel the contributions of billions of dollars paid by. The transferred contribution will be transferred to the development of environmental infrastructure such as water in the United States.

◆ Six actions to restore security and constitutional order
1:Revoke the Presidential Decree against Constitution issued by President Obama and all memorandums issued.
2:Choose Justice Scalia's successor from the Supreme Court Justice Judge from judges who will be able to support and preserve the Constitution on the list.
3:Abolition of "sanctuary city" receiving funding from the federal government.
Four:We will start forcibly repatriating more than 2 million illegal immigrants and destroy the visa so that we will never come back to America again.
Five:Stop accepting immigrants from regions where terrorism is likely to occur that can not secure safety.

◆ Actions relating to exemption of taxes on the middle income class and simplification of the collection process
Create economic growth of 4% annually as a goal of the economy and create at least 25 million new jobs through large scale projects. These are realized by reducing taxes, simplifying tax collection procedures, deregulating and releasing American energy stockpiles. The largest tax reduction target will be the middle income group. The middle income group with two children enjoy a tax cut of 35%. The tax income classification is reduced from 7 to 3, and the tax structure is simplified. The corporate tax is reduced from 35% to 15%, and the tax rate when large companies with a capital of 1 billion dollars (about 107 billion yen) or larger return to overseas funding will be reduced to 10%.

◆ Action to end offshore
We transfer tariffs abroad to avoid taxes and apply customs duties to prevent business activities that dismiss domestic workers.

Action on energy and infrastructure
By introducing 1 trillion dollars (about 107 trillion yen) of funds into infrastructure development for 10 years, it will activate private-sector joint projects and private investment.

◆ School selection and educational opportunity action on equality
Give education-related expenses directly to the parents of the children, giving them the right to choose schools regardless of public, private, religious, home school etc. End the general core curriculum and give supervision to local educational institutions. We will expand vocational education and technical education, and offer two-year and four-year colleges at cheaper tuition.

◆ Abolition of obama care related law and alternative plan
Obama CareCompletely abolish and replace with funded operation by Health Savings Accounts (medical cost account). To this reformFDAThe reform of the system is also included. There are over 4000 drugs currently waiting for FDA approval. To speed up the approval procedure of life-saving emergency medicine.

◆ Action to lower child care / nursing care expenses
Allow Americans tax deductions for expenses related to childcare and elderly care. Promote the provision of in-company nursery services and create a duty-free savings account for the carers.

◆ Action to eradicate illegal immigrants
Construct a wall along the border with Mexico and make Mexico bear the building costs. For illegal immigration, punishment is punished to impose a sentence of imprisonment for two years or more for the first time, and imprisonment with more than five years before the deportation in case of illegally re - entry. We will revise the visa regulations to strengthen the punishment for overstay and first give employment to Americans preferentially.

◆ Actions to restore regional safety
Reduce crime, drugs, violence by increasing subsidies for programs to train and support police in each region. Increase resources for Federal Enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to disorganize illegal criminal organizations and make it easier to arrest violent criminals.

Action on restoration of national security law
Advance investment in the military sector to rebuild the military. Provide veterans with options for public health services and injuries treatment and private doctors. Prevent cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. For those who wish to enter the United States, we will set up a new immigration control procedure to determine whether to support American values.

Action to wipe away the corruption of Washington
In order to eliminate corruption affecting politics, we will create a new Code of Ethics.

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