I have eaten the shaved ice using the whole wine of watermelon, pulp and skin with "Brothers Cafe"

"Brothers Cafe" of a pancake specialty store offers "whole melon shaved ice" and "whole pine shaved ice" using full ripe melons, but since Nanba Store Limited from Friday, July 1, 2016 So, in that whole series "Whole watermelon shaved ice"Is added. In addition to using the skin as a container, it was said that it was a luxurious shaved ice using a whole watermelon to fruit juice and pulp, so I actually went to a shop and ate it.

Pancake specialty store Brothers Cafe

The address of the Brothers Cafe Namba store is "17-13 Namba Nakanaka Naniwa-ku Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka-shi." It is about 5 minutes on foot from Namba Subway Station.

Arrived at the shop.

I entered the order and finished the order, waiting for about 40 minutes, "Whole watermelon shaved ice" was delivered. Since it is said that it takes time to provide, it is better to order when there is room.

Instead of a dish, the lower half of the small watermelon was used and the height was much larger than the iPhone SE.

The diameter is about this.

On the top of the shaved ice are fluffy objects and chocolate chips. This is not a whipped cream but an apricot esp. EspumaPablo's "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Rich Chocolate"It is also used in the recipe to make food ingredients like a mousse like foam.

In the periphery of the shaved ice, round and well-cut watermelon is attached.

First I tried eating a piece of ice, and the ice was fluffy and the delicacy of the midst of the shariari. It is not about "to dissolve in the mouth" but to disappear, but it leaves a sense of sharpness like shaving ice, but the grain is not as large as the shrimp eaten at a stand etc. The syrup contains plenty of fruit and pulp of watermelon used as a container, and it is finished in natural sweetness that betrays the image of commercially available shaved ice.

The apricot is a fluffy texture and literally has a scent like apricot tofu.

The apricot is sweeter than shaved ice, so it got accented when eating it with ice.

Watermelon pulp overflows with juice and juice and sweet juice. Since seeds are included, when we eat it with chocolate chips, it caused confusion that "I thought that I bleeded a chocolate chip was a seed", "I thought it was a seed and it was a chocolate chip when I took it out of my mouth".

In addition, the shaved ice of whole watermelon is 980 yen including tax.

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