I tried Pablo 's Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Uji Matcha' with plenty of cheese cream on the shaved ice

Cheese tart specialty store known as fluffy cheese tart "PABLO (Pablo)", the first shrimp ice cream "Cheese tart shaved ice - Uji green teaWe began offering from May 1, 2016 (Sunday). Uji green tea on top of shaved ice,Espuzza"Cheese tart shaved ice - Uji mecha" with plenty of cheese cream and "New release"Uji green tea raw · cheese soft creamActually went to the shop and ate it.

Pablo's first "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Uji Matcha" will appear in May 2016.

"Uji green tea raw · cheese soft cream" will appear from May 2016.

Because "cheese tart shaved ice - Uji mecha" is provided only in eatable shops, we came to Pablo Dotonbori store with a cafe.

Enter the shop and get on the seat.

To order is "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Uji Matcha (972 yen including tax)" ...

"Uji green tea raw · cheese soft cream (400 yen including tax)".

"Cheese tart shaved ice - Uji green tea" was brought to the table in about 5 minutes.

"Plump Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Uji Green Tea" with plenty of esprima cheese cream on top of the shaved ice is larger than the 5 inch Nexus 5X even just above the vessel.

Espuma cheese cream that was packed enough to spill from shaved ice is topped with powdered tea powder and crushed tart texture.

Shattered ice with plenty of green tea sauce.

Shrimp with white rice dumplings ......

Topping a tart fabric of about the size of the little finger.

Espga cheese cream and tart ingredients, powdered tea shaked ice cream in a bite. Espuma cheese cream that is fluffy and mellow in taste is exquisite balance with refreshing tea shaked ice with strong rich cheese and cream. It is finished like a sweet sweet sweet and crispy tart fabric with a shaved ice.

Matcha sauce is soaked firmly in the shade ice, you can enjoy the taste and fragrance of rich Matcha even with shaved ice.

Pick up esprimary cheese cream on shaved ice and pearl with Shirayama dumpling. Green tea shaved ice and esprima cheese cream melt together in the mouth, and white chicken dumplings of mochi mochi texture are accented.

When I ate the shaved ice, the anko came out from the inside.

It is Japanese-style feeling to eat only black-and-white tea shaki ice cream.

This is a cream cheese with a rework. I did not know what kind of timing to eat is the best but when I eat a bite, smooth and thick cream cheese spreads in my mouth.

Because the shaved ice itself was quite large, I was worried that I would not get tired of eating, but with the four espresso cheese cream · tart fabrics · white rice dumplings · bean jams, you can be eaten till the end without getting tired I will.

Next time I eat "Uji Maccha raw cheese soft cream"

It looks like Matcha soft cream ... ...

When eating, it tastes slightly but cream cheese. The base is a strong tea flavor with aroma, but there is a feeling that cream cheese with richness is being kneaded in there.

In addition, "cheese tart shaved ice - Uji mecha" and "Uji green tea raw · cheese soft cream" are period limited quantity sale, so it seems to be good to eat people who want to eat as soon as possible. However, "Uji Green Tea Lunch / Cheese Soft Cream" can be brought home, but "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Uji Green Tea" has no offer of takeaway, Omotesando branch with a cafe space · LaLaport Tatekawa Tatei store · Dotonbori store Please note that it is only available at store 2F · Himeji shop · Kobe Motomachi store.

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