Pablo "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Concentrated Chocolate" Taste Review "Crisp Tart Shaved Ice - Rich Chocolate" Cooked with Mysterious Cheese Cream Melting in Shrimp Chalky Shaved Ice in Fluffy Mouth

In a freshly baked cheese tart specialty shop "PABLO (Pablo)", put a fluffy cheese cream like a mousse on a shrimp of concentrated sauce "Cheese tart shaved ice - luxurious strawberries"Cheese tart shaved ice - rustling mango"Cheese tart shaved ice - thick chocolate"Has appeared on June 1, 2016 (Wednesday). I was eating at a shop because I was concerned about how chocolate with fruity rich honey or deep flavor fused with cheese.

Cheese cake revolution! Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

Arrived at Pablo.

We were ordered to the cafe seats on the second floor, so we will order three items of "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Luxurious Strawberries" "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Rolling Mango" and "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Concentrated Chocolate".

After ordering for about 10 minutes, "cheese tart shaved ice - luxurious strawberry" was offered.

Compared with iPhone SE, this is about this height. It is pretty much squeezed.

Fluffy cheese cream is on the shaved ice. This is a cream cheese made into a fluffy texture like a mousse using "Espuma" cooking method which can make food ingredients like a mousse like foam.

... ... but the melting of ice was fast and the cheese cream was flowing out of the plate.

I found strawberry fruit at the edge of the plate.

As soon as I tried it, the ice was shariari and the grain looked like a common shaved ice. Fluffy cheese cream feels a little sweetness and sourness of cream cheese. There is no sweetness to be offered on strawberry syrup, it is made with materials and a refreshing finish with a little sweetness.

Because it is plenty of syrup, it penetrates even into the ice ... ...

As I advanced my eating, there was something like a jam in the middle.

This fruit remained in shape, and when I ate it I felt strawberg's dense sweetness and moderate sourness. Overall sweetness Because it is discreet shaved ice, it may be just right when you want to refresh.

Subsequently arrived "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Pursing Mango"

This also mango meat pulp at the edge of the plate.

When you eat cheese cream and shaved ice together, things that are sugar coated with crushed tart texture are scattered on fluffy cheese cream and it seems like sweets even if you eat it as it is.

Because mangoes are originally sweet and strong fruits, they are more sweet shaved ice than strawberries.

Good sweetness of fluffy cheese cream · Good taste with sour taste with mango fruit flavor. The balance between sweetness and sourness is a better impression than strawberries.

In addition, cream cheese is also provided with shaved ice, and a slight saltiness resets the mouth. I felt the sweetness of the shaved ice stronger when I ate cream cheese with a feeling like when hanging a salt.

Because of the sweetness of the syrup, there was not anything that seemed particularly jamy in the ice.

"Cheese tart shaved ice - thick chocolate" arrived at the end.

This is a lot of chocolate sauce and a piece of tart on cheese cream.

Because it has plenty of thick sauce, it does not look like shaved ice any more when looking from the side.

When eating, it is sweet and strongly different from the other two, and the source of chocolate is quite rich. I feel the shabby texture of ice, but as I have chocolate sauce and cheese cream that I cooked on chocolate syrup on ice, it is no longer like a new type of sweets.

Chocolate sauce is like this. It is a thick source like a custard cream.

In addition, chocolate sauce is also packed in the ice, once you eat "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Concentrated Chocolate" and return to "Cheese Tart Shaved Ice - Luxury Strawberry", it is sweet and impactful to the extent that you do not feel the taste It was a strong ice confection.

"Cheese tart shaved ice - lavish strawberry" "Cheese tart shaved ice - rice mango" is 1296 yen including tax, "Cheese tart shaved ice - thick chocolate" is 1188 yen including tax. Kanto is Omotesando store and LaLaport Tachikawa Tatei store, Kansai is Dotonbori store 2nd floor · Kobe Motomachi store · Himeji shop, offering until August 31, 2016 (Wednesday), but because of quantity limitation As for those who become it, please come early.

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