'Ichigo Cheese Tart' was drunk with 'Pablo' a thick sweet drink expressed in strawberry puree & cheese whipped cream & pie fabric

From the freshly baked cheese tart specialty store " PABLO (Pablo) ", strawberry points like "Christmas cake" " Pablo Smoothie Strawberry Christmas cheese tart " has appeared in limited quantity. It is said that it expresses the feeling of tart by laying milk pudding and crushed pie on the bottom of the cup and combining it with whipped cream & smoothie with cream cheese, so it has actually been tasted.

Cheese cake revolution! Fresh baked cheese tart specialty store PABLO (Pablo)

"Pablo Smoothie Strawberry's Christmas cheese tart" was offered at a premium cafe in Osaka · Dotonbori store and a casual cafe with several shops across the country, this time headed for a casual cafe. When ordering at the shop front ......

I will hand you a number tag, so I will wait for a while.

"Pablo Smoothie Strawberry Christmas Cheese Tart" arrives in about 5 minutes. In addition to the straw, a spoon has also come in.

The cup is about the same as the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8 mm, and on top of it the whipped cream with jam and cream cheese is served.

side. Smoothie and strawberry puree under the whipped cream and crushed pie and milk pudding on the bottom.

Plenty of strawberry puree on top of whipped cream.

I decided to drink at once, but it is not easy to get inside.

Apparently the straw was stuck in the layer of milk pudding, and by sucking up with considerable suction power, we finally able to taste the lump of milk pudding. Milk pudding with a sweet sweetness is just like "dessert", but even though I thought about it, I should have eaten it with a spoon instead of a straw.

Whipped cream is pretty light and comes with cream cheese, so you can feel faintly cheese.

The smoothie under the whipped cream is a strawberry flavor, but it seems to be supposed to eat with a sweet whipped cream and strawberry puree with a smooth finish. In some places a cream cheese mass is contained ... ...

It is certainly "cheese tart" when you eat it with a pie sinking to the bottom. The pie was somewhat soft, but if it was offered it left a crispy texture.

"Pablo Smoothie Strawberry Christmas Cheese Tart" contains both "smoothie" and "cheese tart" in the product name, but it is a dish of "a dessert in cup" rather than a drink. It is perfect for a snack at 3 o'clock, as it gathers firmly on your stomach. The price is casual cafe 602 yen without tax, premium cafe is 694 yen without tax, store can be confirmed from here .

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