"Short cake" "tiramisu" "Mont Blanc" appeared in fluffy missed shaved ice "Cotton Snow Candy" like snow so I tried it

Mister donuts are classic sweets every summer in summer, like a snowflake with fluffy shaved iceCotton Snow CandyWe are offering. This year we reproduced the cake with such fluffy shaved ice "Shortcake"Tiramisu"Mont Blanc"Has appeared for a limited time from Friday, June 8, 2018. I actually tried eating what kind of finished cotton snowy candy looks like a cake.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

In front of the shop, the cotton snowy candy that reproduced the cake with the catch phrase "This summer, the cake broke!?" And the cotton snowy candy that appeared in 2015mangoThere is a banner that informs of the appearance of.

We will order "short cake" "tiramisu" "Mont Blanc" newly appeared inside the cotton snowy candy. In addition, Mr. Donuts cotton snow candy appears as the summer's standard in the fifth year this year.

Cotton Snow Candy's "Short cake" "Tiramisu" "Mont Blanc" arrived. Each of the three Cotton Snow Candies reproduces the cake with shaved ice as the name suggests.

Cotton Snow Candy Shortcake
"Cotton Snow Candy Shortcake" (669 yen including tax) which reproduced the short cake at first with shaved ice

The height of the cotton snowy candy is the same for both, slightly higher than iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm) placed next to the cup. From the appearance, I feel it is a bit more volume to eat alone.

"Cotton Snow Candy Shortcake" is a strawberry sauce that contains whipped cream on top of the fluffy milk-flavored ice. The color of red sauce and white whipped cream is exactly like a short cake.

Under the whipped cream "cube type sponge cake" is laid, I feel like cake. As cake is a theme, "cube type sponge cake" is a common element of three cotton snow candies.

The inside of the cup is filled with ice of milk flavor, and the strawberry sauce with flesh is accumulated on the bottom.

Strawberry syrup is thick and felt fruity aroma and sweet and sour strawberries, finish with a slightly stronger acidity. Sweet and sour strawberries, creamy whipped cream, and cube type sponge cake are just short cakes.

Milk-flavored ice is thin and fluffy, with cold ice melting at the moment you put it in your mouth, while milky spreads sweet sweetness. Overallly sweet and finished in a solid, beat when you want to eat something sweet thoroughly.

Cotton Snow Candy Tiramisu
Next is "Cotton Snow Candy Tiramisu" (669 yen including tax). It is a cotton snow candy that reproduced Tiramisu.

"Whipped Cream" and "Espresso Coffee Sauce" wrapped with "Cocoa Powder" on top of Cotton Snow Candy are wearing.

"Cotton Snow Candy Tiramisu" is characterized by using only "cheese flavored ice" in the ice of three kinds of cotton snowy candy. You can see that the inside of the cup is filled with yellow cheese flavored ice. At the bottom of the cup is brown espresso coffee sauce as it is on ice.

It is compatible with bitter cocoa powder and creamy whipped cream, as well as cheese flavored shaved ice. Finish that seems easy to eat even for people who are not good at sweet things.

Ice has moderate cheese, but the flavor is modest. Although it seemed a bit unsatisfactory for seasoning as it was a bite mouth, it seems a little unsatisfactory to seasoning, but as you advance on eating, you feel the tongue is just right with the cold ice.

The espresso coffee sauce is accented with sweet cocoa and whipped cream, felt the acidity and bitterness of coffee.

Cotton Snow Candy Mont Blanc
The end is "Cotton Snow Candy Mont Blanc" (669 yen including tax). It is a cotton snow candy which reproduced Mont Blanc.

Marron dice, Marron whip, Marron sauce that cut the chestnuts from the top, there is milky ice below. Cube-shaped sponge cake is scattered around the cream.

The same malon sauce as the topping at the bottom of the cup.

Maron dice with presence is soft and deep sweetness. Malon cream is very nice and fits well with Maron dice and milky shaved ice. I had plenty of malon dyed and malon cream so I felt that I had the first eat in three kinds of cotton snow candy.

Cotton Snow Candy's "Short cake" "Tiramisu" "Mont Blanc" can be ordered at all shops except for a part of Mr. Donut, and the offer period is until late August 2018.

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