I have eaten 5 kinds of Mister Donuts' new autumn malon donuts

Calpis donutsYaPururun · Pon de rings and banana donutsMr. Donuts who had been introducing menus for summer etc. one after another from Wednesday, August 28Autumn malon donutWe will sell. It was an autumnal donut using chestnuts, and I wanted to experience a feeling like autumn sooner so I went to the shop.

Autumn malon donuts | New items | Mister donuts

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

A poster to announce the new menu sale is affixed to the shop.

Five new men are sliding in the most prominent place. I will order it at once.

The new menu was also announced at the table.

From aboveGrilled chestnut donut chocolate (147 yen including tax)·Grilled chestnut donut Maron chocolate (147 yen including tax)·Pon de Maron chocolat (136 yen including tax)·Pon de · Yakikuri Whip (147 yen including tax)·Pon de · rich marron crunch (147 yen including tax). At any donut there is a chestnut color and it seems to be autumn.

Two types of baked chestnut donuts look like this. It is in the form of chestnuts, each of which is coated with chocolate malon chocolate and sesame is sprinkled.

Baked chestnut donut chocolate is in the shape of baked chestnuts, with chocolate on the lower side and topped with sesame.

Marron whip is packed from the top.

Marron whip has granular chestnuts, you can taste the chestnut tightly and feel the autumnish taste. Maron and chocolat fabric are also good compatibility.

Maron cream also contains granular chestnuts, and the chestnut flavor has become stronger.

The chocolate that is painted on the bottom part tastes of Gutsuri chocolate. Even if you eat chocolate coating with marron whip, compatibility is good. If you bring the chocolate coating part directly, since chocolate will melt, it seems better not to touch it much.

Grilled chestnut donuts Maron chocolate has become part of the coating malon chocolate.

Cream can be confirmed inside, so far it is almost the same as baked chestnut donut chocolate.

The part of chocolate coating can also feel the taste of marron. People who like the taste of chestnut may prefer this place rather than choosing baked chestnut donut chocolate.

Next, there are three types of donuts arranged by Pon de Ring with Marron. It looks delicately different.

Pont de Maron Chocolat cooked cocoa flavored pon de chocolat with malon chocolat.

Pon de Ring unique texture of texture as it is, the chocolate fabric is excellent with the malon chocolat coating. There is not so much cream in any of the five items we ate this time, so it does not rich.

Pon de · baked chestnut whip is covered with malon chocolat in half of chocolate fabric, powder sugar in the other half.

Marong whip is sandwiched in the middle of Pon de Ring.

Because malon whip enters, the taste of malon is stronger than chocolate. It is okay if you think that the malodor cream was added as it is, with the mouthfeel that is rich in pon de Chocolat.

The last is Pon de · rich marron crunch. Especially there is no malon chocolate coating ... ...

You can check the deep brown cream and crunchy chocolate cookie than marron whip.

The taste of the cream chestnut is the strongest, the viscosity is slightly higher. Because the crunch of the chocolate cookie is also contained in the rich malon cream, you can enjoy both the crispy texture and the mouth feeling of the pon de rings at the same time.

In any case, because the taste of chestnut is strong, it is recommended for those who like the taste of chestnuts, who wants to feel autumn a little earlier.

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