Three tasting reviews of `` pon de ring variety '' focusing on texture combining the new pon de ring with zaku fluffy material

Mr. Donut's Pon de Ring was renewed in January 2020, improving the moist texture and lasting, and adding an unprecedented 'flavor' to the aftertaste. Limited-time `` Pont de Ring Variety '' combining popular classic materials of Mr. Donut that goes well with such a new Pont de Ring has appeared on February 21, 2020 (Friday), so shop immediately I bought it and ate it.

Pont de Ring Variety | New Products | Mr. Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Immediately purchased three new donuts and the classic Pont de Ring.

First of all, I tried to arrange the classic Pont de Ring and 'Pont de Crunch & Almond'. The size is the same because the base is a pon de ring, but ...

Pont des crunches and almonds have no sugar coating, are coated with chocolate and topped with chocolate crunch and almonds.

When I ate it, it is not coated with sugar, so it is finished with the original sweetness of the dough and the mellow sweetness of chocolate. Crunchy and almond crunchy or crisp texture is fine and soft compared to fluffy dough. The texture of the new Pont de Ring was enhanced by arranging the opposite texture.

Next, 'Pon de Coco & Golden'. This means that you can enjoy strawberry chocolate and coconut in half of the pon de ring and chocolate and crunchy topping in the other half.

You can enjoy two flavors with one Pon de Ring, so it is recommended when you are worried about the taste. This also emphasized the texture of the dough with crisp coconut and crunchy toppings. Because strawberry chocolate is used, it is a sweeter finish than Pon de Crunch & Almond, but also because the dough is not coated with sugar, you can enjoy the original sweetness of the dough.

Finally, 'Pon des Whip & Custard'

It has whipped cream and custard sandwiched between sliced pont de ring dough.

The fluffy whip and the fluffy pon de ring fabric are crossed together, making it easier to feel the fluffiness when put in your mouth. The dry strawberry on the strawberry chocolate adds texture and sourness, but overall it has a gentle mouthfeel.

Finally, when I ate the classic Pont de Ring, the Pont de Ring Variety with the added texture was more converse than the Pont De Ring alone. It was an impression that the consciousness was coming to the fluffy mochi. What is different from the new Pont de Ring? It is also ant to compare it with Pont de Ring Variety to make sure.

'Pon de Coco & Golden' is 160 yen excluding tax, 'Pon de Crunch & Almond' is 140 yen excluding tax, and 'Pon de Whip & Custard' is 160 yen excluding tax. Available until late.

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