I tried all 6 kinds of miso ``mochi cream donut collection'' that you can enjoy a new sense of chewy texture in collaboration with donuts

Mochi Cream Japan 's jointly developed product `` Mochi Cream Donut Collection '', which has been developing sweets using various ``mochi'' with Mr. Donut, has appeared for a limited time and from July 3, 2020 (Friday) .. I tried eating immediately to see how all 6 types of mochi cream donut collection that combines the texture of donuts and donuts tasted.

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Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Purchase all 6 types of ' Daifuku Donut Strawberry ' ' Daifuku Donut Lemon ' ' Pon de Mochi Cream ' ' Pon de Strawberry Mochi Cream ' ' Lemon Mochi Cream French ' ' Azuki Mochi Shoe ' that appeared in the Mochi Cream Donut Collection Did.

'Tai Fook donut strawberry' (excluding tax 220 yen / left) and 'Tai Fook donut lemon' (excluding tax 220 yen / right), this time newly developed glutinous shoe donut the whole

cowhide wrapped in Suites.

Compared to the size of a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

First of all, 'Daifuku Donut Strawberry'

If you split it in half, you can see that it is filled with mochi mochi, whipped cream and strawberry jam.

The combination of gyu-hi-mochi-mochi-poodle donuts gives you a chewy texture. Strawberry jam with the sweetness and slightly sourness of whipped cream makes it a sweet mouthfeel.

Then, 'Daifuku Donut Lemon'

The contents are chewy donuts, whipped cream and lemon jelly. Thanks to the sour lemon jelly, it had a refreshing taste.

'Pon de mochi cream' (160 yen without tax / left) and 'pon de strawberry mochi cream' (160 yen with tax / right) are pon de rings with a crispy texture. Sandwich with rice cake filling.

'Pon de mochi cream' is glued with whipped cream in addition to mochi filling. The mochi filling has greatly increased the chewy texture, making it a donut for those who like the chewy texture.

The 'pon de strawberry mochi cream' has strawberry chocolate and white chocolate toppings throughout. It was a type with sandwiches of mochi filling and strawberry jam, and the sweetness of chocolate and sweet and sourness of strawberry jam were matched to create a gorgeous atmosphere.

'Lemon Mochi Cream French' (160 yen excluding tax) is a dessert made by sandwiching the filling of lemon cruller with lemon jelly and sprinkling it with white chocolate.

The fluffy French cruller with mochi filling has a more chewy texture, and the sweetness and sourness of lemon jelly tightens the sweetness of white chocolate, making it a refreshing and easy-to-eat donut.

'Azuki Mochi Shoo' (160 yen excluding tax) is made by coating mochi mochi donuts with white chocolate, and then mochi filling and Hokkaido azuki bean paste are further sprinkled with glitter topping.

The chewy texture of the doughnut and tomochi filling was combined with the sweetness of white chocolate and azuki bean paste to create a mysterious pseudonut that doesn't attach to either Japanese or Western style.

The Mochi Cream Donut Collection has been available for a limited time and in limited quantities at Mr. Donuts nationwide from July 3, 2020 (Friday) to early August.

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