"Cookie Kurura" the fabric turned chocolaty flavor 3 kinds of tasting reviews including newly introduced chocolate honey

A new fabric of Mr. Donut that appeared in May 2009Cookie KrullerWas still in a position like quasi-regular, although selling continued while not putting it in the store, there are three new tastes whose fabric has become chocolate flavor since May 6th Has been added.

It was a bit uneasy if there was a matcha flavor, but I expected that it would be okay if I had chocolate, I went to eat until the shop.

Details are as below.
Cookie Kruller | New Item | Mister Donut

Cookie Kruller Chocolate Honey (115 yen), Cookie Kruller Double Chocolat (126 yen), Cookie Kriller Chocolate Almond (126 yen), new items lined up in the middle of the shelf.

Recently there were few traditional cookie crews that we saw in this shop, so we had four kinds of cookie revived so we bought all and arranged them.

From the left, chocolate, honey, cinnamon, coconut.

Chocolate and honey are likely to be next to each other such as old fashions as regulars.

So this is three new items.

Chocolate honey is an impression that a little inside was felt while leaving the traditional crispy texture. The sweetness increases with the chocolate flavor, compatibility with coffee is outstanding. Double chocolate is plenty of chocolate to chocolate lovers, but maybe it did not have to make the sweetness so strong. Chocolate almonds have a habit of almond chocolate, so it seems that likes and dislikes may be divided among these three kinds. However, if anyone likes cookie crewler's "middle between donut and cookie" and people who like crispy texture different from rich texture of pon de rings eat it and have no loss It was getting.

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