Matcha tea making "Mister Donut Matcha fair" All four types Taste review

"Pon de Matcha" and "Pon de Matcha Azuki" have been released on February 1st (Friday) at Mister Donut. Also, Old Fashion has also been renewed and "Old Fashion Matcha" and "Old Fashion Green Tea Choco" are new. The store seems to hold a matcha fair that will offer these four items at 100 yen for a limited time from February 6th. Today it was not cheap yet, but I bought what these four items are and tried it.

Details are as follows.
Today it was two boxes.

"Old fashion green tea" in the foreground, "Old fashion matcha chocolate" in the back right, "Pon de Matcha" on the left side, "Pon de Matcha Azuki" in the back.

"Pon de Matcha". I'm pretty tasty, the tearing cross section is quite vivid green. Even if you say Matcha taste, there is no bitter taste, it seems that it does not seem to have a flavor of Matcha in a faint manner.

"Pon de Matcha Azuki". It is one that cuts Pon de Matcha before half and puts anchovies in between. The pleasant fabric of Pon de Ring and the sweetness of sweet potatoes match well. I definitely want to prepare green tea and eat together.

"Old fashion matcha". There is a light crunchy feeling and somewhat matcha as a aftertaste.

"Old fashion matcha chocolate". A little bitter chocolate is quite compatible with Matcha.

Matcha taste does not come forward so much, so it felt delicious that the ones with azuki and chocolate were delicious.

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