I bought all 4 kinds of sweet donuts 'White Pon de Ring' with a sticky texture at Mr. Donut and tried it

On June 14, 2023, all four types of the ' White Pon de Ring ' series appeared from Mister Donut. In addition to the 'white pon de ring', which is white pon de ring dough glazed and sprinkled with donut sugar, ' white pon de caster almond ' topped with custard cream and almonds, mitarashi sauce Combined ' White Pon de Mitarashi ' and ' White Pon de White Bean ' with white bean paste were sold, so I actually tried it.

White Pon de Ring | Mister Donut


Mister Donut 'White Pon de Ring' Limited release from June 14 - 230608_01.pdf
(PDF file) https://www.duskin.co.jp/news/2023/pdf/230608_01.pdf

I purchased a ``White Pon de Ring Set'' with a paper bag and a takeout limited edition that allows you to enjoy all four types one by one.

Donuts look like this. The upper left is white Pon de Ring, the upper right is white Pon de Mitarashi, the lower left is white Pon de Caster Almond, and the lower right is white Pon de Shiroan.

Glaze and donut sugar are attached to the surface of the white Pon de Ring.

The official name is 'gentle sweetness', but when you eat it, the sweetness is intense. target.

Custard cream is topped on the surface of white Pon de Castor almonds, and almonds are sprinkled on top of it.

It is a donut that feels the sweetness of custard cream stronger than donut sugar, and it is good to have fragrant almonds with a crunchy texture occasionally sandwiched between sticky dough.

White Pon de Mitarashi is a donut with Mitarashi sauce as its name suggests.

The soy sauce-flavored sauce has a moderate saltiness, and it has a Japanese-style calm taste that has changed from the previous one. The chewy texture makes you feel like you are eating mitarashi dango.

White pon de white bean paste is topped with white bean paste and sparkling toppings.

When you put it in your mouth, the rough texture of the white bean paste and the soft sweetness spread in your mouth. In addition to the sweetness of white bean paste, it was a finish where you can also feel the umami of the dough.

The take-out price is 172 yen including tax for white pon de ring, 216 yen including tax for white pon de caster almond, 194 yen including tax for white pon de mitarashi and white pon de white bean paste. The price of the white Pon de Ring set, which is a collection of 4 types, is 776 yen including tax, and comes with an original paper bag.

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