Mister Donut 's "Angel egg" tasting review added three flavors of chocolate fabric

New product of Mr. Donut that appeared together with Froky Sho etc in November 2008 is "Angel egg". There are three kinds of donuts which are shaped like eggs and filled with cream, "whipped cream", "strawberry whip" and "caster whip", but now three flavors of chocolate fabric have been added That's right so I went to the shop right away.

Review from below.
Angel Egg | Mister Donut

Three angel eggs on the dish, "Chocolat Caster" "Chocolat Strawberry" "Double Chocolat" from the front. It is 105 yen per one, but now it was 100 yen for chocolate fair.

There seems to be no big change except for the fabric becoming chocolate.

Chocolat caster has custard cream. As a feeling like a cream puff made from hardened chocolate fabric, the balance between custard cream and coffee chocolate on top is good. Simple but hence a sense of stability.

Double chocolate has a sense of stability with chocolate flavor, the heaviest among the three. When you eat first, it seems to be full with this alone. However, it is a satisfactory dish if you like chocolate as much as you have chocolate chocky.

Chocolate Strawberry is sweet and sourish, unlike recent strawberry taste.

It was pretty selling, and the clerk in the back was about to make the next egg.

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